4 Things to look at Lee Jun-Ho overdue recognition with “The Red Sleeve Cuff?

1 Lee Jun-ho chose MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama <em><strong>The Red Sleeve</strong></em> as his return drama after his discharge in March

Lee Jun-ho is getting his overdue recognition with "The Red Sleeve Cuff?

Lee Jun-ho is the hottest actor in recent years. He chose MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ” The Red Sleeve ” as his return drama after his military discharge in March, and is receiving positive reviews for his break-up of King Jeongjo, the son of Crown Prince Sado and grandson of King Yeongjo.

King Jeongjo, the 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty, is a familiar king to us, as he has been mentioned in many works. Nevertheless, looking at Jeongjo, played by Lee Joon-ho, it feels like a natural and bizarre at the same time that no existing Jeongjo or actor comes to mind. This means that he has succeeded in convincing viewers by completing his own Jeongjo character without any sense of deja vu while sticking to the essence of the character.

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2 Because of Lee Jun-ho’s delicate and attractive performance, viewers were also able to immerse themselves in the sorrow of the Drama.

Lee Jun-ho overdue recognition with "The Red Sleeve Cuff?

Thanks to Lee Jun-ho’s delicate and attractive performance, viewers were also able to immerse themselves in the sorrow that Jeongjo had to endure as a crown prince, as well as the complicated feelings and mournful romance he had to feel in the process of securing his position as king. The nickname “Our Palace Junho” was widely popular among many viewers. By parody of his group 2PM hit song “My House,” he expressed his desire to leave for the palace to see Lee Jun-ho.

3 Thanks to Lee Jun-ho’s popularity, MBC has escaped the stigma of being a collapsing drama kingdom.

Lee Jun-ho overdue recognition with "The Red Sleeve Cuff?

Being passionate about acting Lee Jun-ho’s popularity helped, MBC to escape the stigma of being a collapsing drama kingdom. Starting with a 5.7 percent rating on Nov. 12 (based on households nationwide in Nielsen Korea), “The Red Sleeve” continued its steady rise and achieved its highest rating of 14.3 percent with 15 episodes aired on Dec. 25. It is the first time in three years that an MBC drama has recorded double-digit ratings since the Wednesday-Thursday drama “My Secret Terrius” ended in November 2018. As the 16th episode and the 17th episode, the last episode, are scheduled to air continuously at 9:30 p.m. on Jan. 1, it is worth expecting to surpass the 15 percent mark. If such expectations become a reality, Junho will carry out his pledge to dance to 2PM hit song “My House”.

4 His notable performance was also recognized for his success in <em><strong>The Red Sleeve</strong></em> End at the MBC year-end awards ceremony.

Lee Jun-ho overdue recognition with "The Red Sleeve Cuff? 2

His presence at the year-end awards ceremony was also notable. In recognition of his success in ” The Red Sleeve,” Lee Joon-ho held two trophies in his arms, including best actor and best couple awards, at the 2021 MBC Acting Awards, which took place on the 30th. It is the first acting award in four years since he won the Excellence Award for KBS 2TV’s “Kim.”

Lee Joon-ho, who was named the winner, said, “It’s like a dream to win the Best Actor Award. Actually, I’m a human being ahead of the grand prize for acting, so the drama is going so well that I can’t help it if my desire for it continues to grow. “What I thought about every time I was alone was that I kept reflecting on myself on what kind of performance I could get,” he said.

“The first time I received an award other than a singer was when I received an award for excellence for KBS 2TV’s ‘Kim’. At that time, I was so nervous that I couldn’t enjoy the good atmosphere and just looked at the ground and said my acceptance speech. I don’t think I deserve this award today, but I think it’s a really happy time for me to be able to comfort myself even though I’ve been working really hard. I’m happy just to be named with my seniors who were nominated together. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who are here. It was a feeling of sincerity.

Apart from his acceptance speech, Lee’s attitude at the awards ceremony is also a hot topic. Calling himself the winner of the grand prize, he said, “I’m Lee Jun-ho of 2PM.” This is a greeting that Lee has been sticking to regardless of his official appearance. In addition, Lee Joon-ho went to the center to congratulate Namgoongmin with a hot hug, even though he was also a strong candidate for the grand prize after he was called the winner of the grand prize. There is a saying that one looks at one thing, and Lee Joon-ho’s consideration, readiness, and sincerity, which were felt in every little word and deed on this day, served as an opportunity to realize again why he was forced to face the “Lee Jun-ho season,” which is recognized by all within the clan.

Lee Jun-ho, who entered the entertainment industry in 2008 as a member of JYP Entertainment’s boy band 2PM, will enter his 14th year as a singer in 2022. Among the idols who turned into actors, there are not a few stars who leave their groups out of the discussion and only present their acting activities, while Lee always does not forget his roots. This is proof that the existence of the members and fans who supported singer Lee Joon-ho has deeply engraved the fact that the trusted actor Lee Jun-ho was able to be born.

It is not a success that was met overnight. Lee Jun-ho, who said on SBS’ talk show “Strong Heart” in 2010, “Popularity is the season,” once said he felt impatient with his popularity that did not meet his expectations, but said, “If I slowly relax and build my career, I think my season will come someday.



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