Lee Min-ho’s pictorial, dark masculine + sharp nose

It is said that Lee Min-ho smoothly led the atmosphere of the filming set, but quickly received A-cuts with the movements and expressions that grasped the core of each outfit, and the admiration of the field staff did not cease.

In the interview that followed, Lee Min-ho responded to the posts he had recently posted on social media, saying, “I think it’s not fun to see things go according to the correct answer, and he seems to be a person who thinks a lot about how to play.” He is not too shy about photos and videos that may seem ridiculous to him, and that he is just having fun. Then, he smiled with the clue, “Of course, I also upload a lot of things that I think are cool.”

Lee min ho

There was also talk about <Pachinko>, which was a big topic this year around the world. He said, “First of all, I feel proud that a story with such a sense of speed has been produced with such care in such an era,” he said.

Also, since it is an era in which all materials from the past to the affairs of distant countries are easily accessible and can be grasped at hand, “I can not look away from such things and see what kind of help I can be in a position that I can do. I was thinking about that part,” he said.

Lee Min Ho

He also revealed that he chose the drama ‘ Ask the Stars ‘, which he was recently filming because it was a work that made him think deeply. I don’t know if it can be said that the work itself is that profound, but anyway, as an actor, I approach it with deeper thought.

Lee Min-ho added, “It doesn’t have to be conveyed, but I think I’ll be happy if someone sees my work and has the same concerns as me.”

Source: Naver


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