Lee Seong-min, the youngest son of a conglomerate, JTBC’s ‘News Room’ to be broadcast today (29th) sortiePlans to tell famous scenes and behind-the-scenes stories

Lee Seong-min, the youngest son of a conglomerate
Actor Lee Seong-min played the role of ‘Jin Yang-cheol’, the head of Sunyang Group, in the drama ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family’. / JTBC

Actor Lee Seong-min, who played the role of chairman Jin Yang-Cheol in the hit JTBC drama ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate’, will tell the story behind the drama.

Lee Sung-min appears on JTBC’s ‘News Room’, which airs on the 29th. he tells the behind-the-scenes story of ‘the youngest son of a conglomerate‘, which recorded the highest viewer rating of this year’s mini-series of 30.1% and ranked first in TV buzz for six weeks in a row (Nielsen Korea metropolitan area paid household standard and Good Data Corporation survey). 

Lee Sung-min’s appearance in ‘Newsroom’ this time adds to the anticipation through a broadcast interview conducted after the drama ended.


Lee Seong-min plays Sunyang Group founder Jin Yang-Cheol in ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family’, and after a hot confrontation with Jin Do-Joon (Song Joong-ki), the youngest grandson, and a cold brain fight, he was loved as a love-hate narrative that finally becomes a real family. In front of ‘money’ that moves the world, he vividly showed the character of chairman Jin Yang-Cheol, who has no blood or tears and proved his excellent acting skills.

In particular, Lee Seong-min left a deep impression on viewers by acting as if he was paying homage to the real person Lee Byung-Cheol (1910-1987), the founder of Samsung while playing Jin Yang-Cheol.

In this ‘Newsroom’ interview, not only the best scenes of ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family’ picked by Lee Seong-min, but also the first starring work, ‘Golden Time’ surgeon Choi In-hyuk and ‘Misaeng’ Oh Sang-Shik, followed by the birth of another life character. The process will be made public.

The story behind the ‘youngest son of a conglomerate family’ that Lee Sung-min will tell can be found on ‘News Room’, which airs at 7:50 pm on the 29th.

Source: WikiTree

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