Lee Seung gi conflict with agency revealed that he couldn’t get a single penny of the music usage fee

Lee Seung gi conflict with agency, It has been confirmed that singer and actor Lee Seung-gi is having a conflict with Hook Entertainment, the agency with which he has worked for 18 years since his debut in 2004.

According to the music industry and broadcasters on the 21st, Lee Seung-gi recently sent a proof of contents to his agency and inquired about the contents of the contract.

It is known that Lee Seung-gi claimed through the proof of contents to the effect that “I have not received a single penny of the music usage fee since my debut.”

It is also said that they requested reasonable evidence related to the settlement.

The agency, Hook Entertainment, also issued a press release and said, “We have received proof of content from Lee Seung-gi, reviewed related materials, and are preparing an answer.”

Lee Seung gi conflict with agency
Seunggi Lee [Provided by Hook Entertainment. Resale and DB prohibited]

Lee Seung-gi made his debut in 2004 with his first album ‘Dream of a Moth’ and was greatly loved by releasing hit songs such as ‘Because You’re My Woman’, ‘Delete’, and ‘Love Age’.

In addition to his activities as a singer, he started with KBS 2TV’s ‘Famous Chil Princesses’ (drama standard), SBS ‘Brilliant Legacy’, ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’, MBC ‘The King 2 Hearts’, ‘Gu Family Book’, etc. established a position as

On this day, as news of the conflict between Lee Seung-gi and his agency was reported, the Hook Entertainment homepage was down at 4:00 pm due to excessive traffic capacity.

Source: Daum


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