lee Seung gi the law cafe, Not only is he a famous actor but also has this power. Famous actor Lee Seung Gi was suddenly given a new title by fans

Lee Seung Gi is one of the leading actors in the Korean entertainment industry. Originally a singer, he also “pocketed” quite a few hit works.

Drama starring male leads such as My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, Gu Family Book, and Vagabond Mouse… continuously made impressive achievements. At the same time, his name also flew far and wide both at home and abroad.

Besides being a famous artist, few people know that Lee Seung Gi has also been given a new title. The handsome actor has been favored by the people of the land of kimchi and dubbed the “storm-fighting god”.

In Korea, every rainy season, people will choose a person who is rumored to have a natural disaster control spirit. This year, the land of kimchi is also suffering from Typhoon Hinnamnor, causing heavy rain on a large area.

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lee Seung gi the law cafe

Among the candidates, who is trusted by the public to entrust this noble responsibility is Lee Seung Gi. The reason the male actor was chosen as the god of storm avoidance is thanks to the unwitting stories in the past.

Specifically, Lee Seung Gi had to go to Japan to promote the movie in 2011. But because of schedule conflicts, he couldn’t fly to a friend’s country. Worth mentioning, that not long after, the land of the rising sun suffered a great earthquake.

Some time later, Lee Seung Gi continued to have to go to Japan to do work. At this time, South Korea suffered a large-scale power outage, greatly affecting people’s lives.

lee Seung gi the law cafe

In 2012, the actor had just flown out of Korea when Typhoon Bolaven appeared. But by the time he returned to his hometown, the storm had gradually weakened.

Four years later, in 2018, when Typhoon Solik hit Korea, Lee Seung Gi also had a schedule in the US. And like 2012, when he returned, the storm suddenly weakened and gradually became a depression.

Not only is he a famous actor, but Lee Seung Gi also contains this power Photo 4

As can be seen, Lee Seung Gi had a lot of luck in avoiding the storm. Therefore, when natural disasters occur, the media constantly asks the question ” Where is Lee Seung Gi? ” 

This proves that the public has put a lot of trust in the actor in preventing storms. At the same time, Korean people also implicitly consider the actor as a guardian deity during natural disasters.

Source: Saoster

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