MBN Avatar Singer the highest production cost ever for Korean entertainment.” With the viewership of 0%

MBN ‘Avatar Singer, the first Metabus music entertainment program launched in Korea with low Viewership that dropped to 0.8%

Metavus Music Survival program MBN ‘Avatar Singer’ has a huge production cost Despite the investment, it has not been able to face a serious decline. There are.

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MBN ‘Avatar Singer’ 2 times broadcast in the last 2 days, based on the national paid household broadcast 0.8%(hereinafter provided by Nielsen Korea). This is a further drop than the last time(1.4%).

MBN "Avatar Singer" Viewership Trend / Naver (Provided by Nielsen Korea)
MBN ‘Avatar Singer’ Viewership Trend / Naver (Provided by Nielsen Korea)

“Avatar Singer” is the first music survival that launched the Metavus Music show in Korea Program. An avatar created with augmented reality technology uses the body movements of a real person The performance is presented to the audience while implementing it as it is. The other cast members who watched the stage then identified the real musicians of the avatar It’s a way of reasoning.

The following MBN "Avatar Singer"
Below MBN ‘Avatar Singer’

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MBN Avatar Singer
MBN Avatar Singer

According to the production team, “Avatar Singer” has a production cost of KRW 1 billion for the synagogue Reported that. Last month, at the production presentation of ‘Avatar Singer’ at VA Studio in Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do Kim Yun-sung, executive producer, said, ” The level of production technology is quite High. It was prepared for more than a year and had 200 staff members. It was the highest production cost ever for Korean entertainment.”

However, the reaction of viewers is somewhat cold. Members of the online community Duku said, “CG is a little bit of a shame”, ” Too old game I feel like an avatar.”, ” I don’t know what’s special about Metavus.”, “Still, the singers do the song really well”, etc..

Online Community Duku
Online Community Duku

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