Min Ji-young, 1 year after cancer surgery “I was afraid of the scar on my body.. Don’t say it easily”

Actress Min Ji-young revealed her recent status.

Min Ji-young recently posted on her personal SNS, “#a year ago #today #lips.. also had blisters… It was hard… It hurt… I was scared… I was lonely.. My job was an actor… The fact that i had ugly scars on my body .. Really… And… On that day when I was so scared… At that time… there was no one by my side…” she opened up.

In the photo released along with the article, Min Ji-young is also pictured after undergoing thyroid cancer surgery and is recovering.

Actress Min Ji-young healing scar
Min Ji-young healing scar

Also she continued, “It’s already been a year. Today… I was surprised. Every day was so long, but it’s already been a year… So… I’m one year old today. I’m newly born~” and “Now… I want to be the first in my life and my family… my husband… my friends… my #first #birthday that no one remembers..I’m #celebrating #alone.”

Min Ji-young said, “At that time, I was very difficult.. I was scared.. Everyone told me not to tremble that thyroid cancer is not cancer and it is a good cancer but the word ‘cancer’ was really scary. Mong-i, who was like a child with me for 17 years, left. It’s crazy hard to handle the breakup, but I had cancer.. 40 days after breaking up with Mong. She also recalled the time she was fighting.

Also, she said, “Don’t talk easily without experience.. Please.. ” She said, “Test tube procedure, twins. Please don’t say things like this easily and please don’t talk easily.” She raised her voice.

Min Ji-young’s Resolve

Finally, she added, “If I get to do my job again… if there is a place that calls me back… I will pour out all my painful and difficult experiences through acting. I will repay you as much as I have been loved.”

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Photo = Min Ji-young SNS

Source: Daum


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