“Monstrous” (2022 KDrama): Cast, Summary, Trailer & Release Date

“Monstrous” Kdramais a supernatural thriller that takes place in a village where a cursed Buddha statue appears and pursues people who hold hell in their hearts. 

The leads in the drama are actor Koo Kyo Hwan and actress Shin Hyun Been

Actor, director, and writer Koo Kyo Hwan has appeared in the dramas “D.P.”, “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”, and “Drama Special Season 7: A Dance From Afar.”

Award-winning actress Shin Hyun Been has acted in the dramas “Reflection Of You”, “Hospital Playlist” seasons 1 and 2, and will be appearing in the upcoming drama “The Youngest Son Of a Conglomerate.” 

Actors Kwak DongYeon (“Vincenzo”, “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty“, “My Strange Hero“), Park Ho-San (“Tracer”, “Would You Like A Cup Of Coffee?”, “Penthouse: War In Life” season 2 and 3, “Racket Boys”) and Nam Da-Reum (“The Great Shaman Ga DooShim”, “Doom At Your Service”, “Start-Up”, “Private Lives”, “A Piece Of Your Mind”) along with actress Kim JiYoung (“Graceful Friends”, “Good Casting”, “Brilliant Heritage”) will also be starring in this web drama. 

A production team member of “Monstrous” said, “The detailed acting of Koo Kyo Hwan and Shin Hyun Been adds strength to the original worldview built by the scriptwriters, Yeon Sang-Ho and Ryu YoungJae. You can look forward to a new world of supernatural thrillers.”

This drama will also be one of three dramas, along with the dramas “Work Later, Drink Now” and “Damn Good Company”, to be screened at the Cannes International Series Festival in April. “Established in 2018, the Cannes International Series Festival is an event that aims to highlight drama series from all over the world and to give them an international voice.”

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“Monstrous” (2022 K-Drama)/ Information

  • Title:  Monstrous / goei / 괴이/ Ghost
  • Director: Jang Gun Jae
  • Writer: Yeon Sang Ho, Ryu Young Jae
  • Network: tVN
  • Airs Date: Apr 29, 2022 – Jun 3, 2022
  • Airs On: Friday
  • No. of Episodes: 06
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural
  • Language: Korean

Monstrous” KDrama / Summary

Monstrous KDrama

“Monstrous” is a supernatural thriller about people who see hell in their hearts in a village where a cursed Buddha statue appears and the strange events that take place in the village.

Monstrous” (2022 KDrama)/ Cast

Monstrous KDrama

Koo KyoHwan as Jung KiHoon

Jung KiHoon is an archaeologist who studies strange supernatural phenomena. He runs “Monthly Ghost Stories”, an occult magazine and YouTube channel, and encounters an unbelievable phenomenon while investigating a ghost found in Jinyang-gun.

hyun been

Shin Hyun-Been as Lee SooJin

Lee SooJin is a genius pattern interpreter who faces a terrible disaster. With the death of her only daughter, she separated from her husband, Jung KiHoon, and while living alone in Jinyang-gun she is swept away by the disaster brought on by the mysterious Buddha statue. 

kwak dong yeon

Kwak DongYeon as Kwak YongJoo

Kwak YongJoo is Jinyang-gun’s trouble maker. 

Monstrous KDrama

Park Ho San as Kwon Jong Soo 

Kwon JongSoo is the governor of Jinyang-gun and tries to maintain stability in times of chaos. 

Monstrous KDrama

Nam Da Reum as Han Do Kyung

Han Do-Kyung does not lose his goodwill in a time of chaos.

kim ji young

Kim Ji Young as Han Seokb Hee

Han Seok Hee is the police chief.

Monstrous” (2022 KDrama) Trailer

Monstrous” (2022 K-Drama)/ Release Date

Monstrous is expected to release onApr 29, 2022 – Jun 3, 2022.

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