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  • Known for: Acting, Also known as 노영학, Young Hak No, Noh Young Hak, Noh Yeong Hak, Noh Yeong Hag
  • Birthday: April 01, 1993
  • Birthplace: Seoul – South Korea
  • Movie Acting Roles: 6
  • Tv Roles: 16


 Noh Young-hak is a South Korean actor who is well-known for his playing role of the younger version of Kim Yoo Shin in KBS1’s King’s Dream (2012-2013) historical drama, the younger version of Prince Gwanghae in MBC’s Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire (2013) historical drama and in KBS2’s The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin

Noh Young Hak acting roles
2020 Boys Be!! as Hyun-tae
2016 That Sun in the Sky (121 episodes) as Cha Min-woo
2015 The Sound of a Flower as King Gojong
2015 The Long Way Home as Petty officer Choi
2015 Twenty Again (16 episodes) as Na Soon-Nam
2015 The Unfair as Kim Hee-taek
2015 Masked Prosecutor (16 episodes) as Ha Dae-Chul (young)
2014 Tuning Fork
2014 Triangle (26 episodes) as Jang Dong-soo (young)
2013 Who Are You? (16 episodes) as Im Sung-chan
2013 The Goddess of Fire (32 episodes) as Prince Gwanghae (young)
2013 Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (20 episodes) as Oh Joon-young (young)
2013 7th Grade Civil Servant (20 episodes) as Kim Min-ho
2012 The Great Seer (35 episodes) as Lee Jung-geun (teenage)
2012 Dream of the Emperor (2 episodes) as Yushin (young)
2011 Gyebaek (36 episodes) as King Uija (teen)
2011 Sin of a Family as Jo Gyeong-su
2011 The Duo (32 episodes) as Chun-doong (young)
2010 Rock, Rock, Rock (4 episodes) as Tae-won’s older brother
2010 Road No. 1 (20 episodes) as Heo Chan-shik
2009 The Great Queen Seondeok (62 episodes) as Seokpum (young)
2008 Iljimae (20 episodes) as Soo-mak
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