Park Joo-Hyun, Kim Young-Dae and Kim Woo-Seok from ‘Forbidden Marriage’ boasted a close friendship. Recently, with only two episodes left until the final episode, the MBC Friday and Saturday drama ‘Forbidden Marriage‘ is composed of So-rang (Park Joo-Hyun), Lee Heon (Kim Young-Dae), and Lee Shin. Won’s (Kim Woo-Seok) sad love triangle romance and the conflict with the forces aiming for King Lee Heon are drawn in an interesting way, capturing the attention of viewers. 

Today (17th), the ‘Golden Spirit’ side, which captures viewers with colourful developments, released a behind-the-scenes cut featuring Park Joo-hyun, Kim Young-dae, and Kim Woo-seok’s steamy moments. Park Joo-Hyun is radiating powerful synergy with a passionate aspect, going in and out of the camera. In her behind-the-scenes cuts, Park Joo-Hyun is leading the atmosphere of her filming set by showing curiosity in front of her filming equipment and posing with Lee Hyun-Geol and Song Ji-woo to reveal her bright side.


Park Joo-Hyun and Kim Young-Dae, wearing earplugs and monitoring side by side, are cute. Even in the cold weather, he is burning his passion for acting by focusing on the screen with his eyes fixed on the screen for the perfection of the play.

While Kim Young-Dae is squatting in the woods and arranging his clothes, he is showing a calm expression, and the charm opposite to the dignified appearance of the king in the play triggers an automatic smile. Kim Woo-Seok is also immersed in filming while gazing somewhere, showing an effort to melt into the inner side of Lee Shin-won’s character, who has a complicated state of mind. Kim Woo-Seok also poses side by side with Yoon Jung-hoon, who came out as his subordinate and makes you feel the warm chemistry.

Park Joo-Hyun, Kim Young-Dae, and Kim Woo-Seok infinitely emit tireless youthful energy for their characters, leaving only two episodes until the final episode, raising expectations for what they will show.

meanwhile, The 11th and final episode of the drama will be broadcast on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st at 9:50 pm

Source: Daum

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