Park Min Young Love In Contract, said her previous work was an office project with a lot of Challenge

Actor Park Min-young “Love in Contract” once again shows off her ‘Romantic Comedy Queen’ side with Many dramas Such as “Her Private life” and “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”

In the new Wednesday-Thursday tvN’s drama which will be aired for the first time at 10:30 pm on the 21st, “Love in Contract” Choi Sang-eun (Park Min-young), a mysterious long-term customer Jung Ji-ho (Go Kyung-Pyo), and Kang Hae-jin (Kim Jae-young), a and fondant every other day is a romance drama.

In particular, this work is becoming a hot topic even before the broadcast as it is the comeback work of Park Min-young, who showed good acting skills in several romantic comedies such as ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim‘ and ‘Her Private Life. Park Min-young made an impressive performance by taking on the role of Jin Ha-Kyung, in the Forecasting Love and Weather, who is always sharp in ‘Meteorological Agency People which ended in April.

Park Min-young, who has emerged as a ‘romantic comedy goddess’ with her empathetic emotional acting and opposing roles and perfect chemistry, plays Choi Sang-eun, a perfectionist contract marriage master. At an online production presentation held on the 19th, Park Min-young cited fresh material as the reason for choosing this work. She said, “Even if I look at the other scripts, the afterimages of the characters of ‘love In contract’ remain. I thought I had to do this unconditionally.”

Park Min Young Love In Contract

She said, “The previous work ‘People of the Meteorological Agency’ was an office project. There were a lot of challenges and a lot of psychological stress. At that time, when I saw this script, I thought, ‘I want to play a little. I’m so happy to be back on set,” she said of her return to Romcom.

Park Min-young is a ‘romcom queen’ actress representing Korea. She said, “I am more grateful than pressure to be called ‘Romcom

queen’. It is an honor to have a certain title as an actor. fit,” he explained.

Park Min-young, who has proven herself to be a Queen believes and sees’, is paying attention to whether the new romantic comedy ‘love in contract’ will capture the hearts of viewers.

Source: Daum


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