park seo-joon in captain marvel 2

Park Seo-Joon The Marvels: Reports came out that actor Park Seo-Joon played the role of Brie Larson’s husband in the movie ‘The Marbles. On the 5th, US media such as Comic Book and Heroic Hollywood reported that Daniel Richman, known as a reliable source, would play Prince Jan, the husband of Carol Danvers, played by Park Seo-Joon, Captain Marvel. Prince Yan is the leader of the planet who sings to communicate. He was also known to have a twist in the role.


Park Seo-Joon The Marvels

‘The Marvels, which is known to be starring Park Seo-joon, stars Samuel L. Jackson, Zawe Ashken, Teyonah Faris, Iman Bellani and others. Previously, Park Seo-Joon stayed in England to film ‘The Marbles’.’The Marbles is directed by Nia Dacosta. Carol Danvers teamed up with Miss Marvel’s Camilla Khan and Monikan Rambeau. Nick Fury is also said to be returning for ‘The Marbles’. ‘The Marbles’ is scheduled to be released in July 2023. In the meantime, interest in what role Park Seo-Joon played was steady. While speculation continued that he would take on the role of Amadeus Cho, this time, a story about the role of Prince Jan, which also appears in Marvel Comics, is coming out. It can be seen that interest in Park Seo-Joon is hot. Interest is focused on ‘The Marbles’, which will be released next year, and whether Park Seo-Joon will appear as Prince Yan let’s wait for the official casting of the movies.

Source: Naver

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