Penthouse 3

Here comes the stronger Penthouse 3. The production presentation of SBS’s new Friday drama “Penthouse 3” was broadcast live online on the 4th of June, The presentation was attended by Eugene, Kim So-Yeon, Lee Ji-ah, Um Ki-Joon, Bong Tae-kyu, Yoon Jong-hoon, Yoon Joo-hee, Kim Young-Dae, and Kim Hyun-soo. “Penthouse 3,” which will premiere its First episode at 10 p.m. on the night, is a suspense revenge play at No. 1 house and No. 1 education due to its unfulfilled distorted desire. It depicts the solidarity and revenge of women who were forced to become evil women to protect their children. Attention is focused on the final season of “Penthouse,” which has recorded a record 31.5 percent of viewers through the previous season.

Penthouse 3

As they run toward the end, bad deeds and revenge will become more intense and intense. Kim So-Yeon, who rewrote the history of the villain role as Cheon Seo-jin, said, “When I first saw the script, I was so surprised that I thought ‘Seojin, how far are you going to go?'” There were always lines called ‘I am Cheon Seo-jin’ in season 1 and 2. In season 3, Chun Seo-jin is also Chun Seo-jin. I’m also looking forward to how to show that evil deed in a way that’s true.

While Actor Lee Ji-ah Confess that she like the last season. “Like last season, there will be many shocking endings for season 3,” and added, “The character of Shim Soo-Hyeon, who has a lot of emotional changes and is three-dimensional, was an adventure for me. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more elaborate and big the picture will be drawn in the future. We will try to play dumb as the script that the writer writes for us,” She said, raising Viewers expectations.


Meanwhile, Eom Ki-Joon, who played the role of “Ju Dan-Tae,” who became “National XX” as he said in last year’s SBS Drama Awards, said, “It was a script that had no choice but to be National XX.” “I’m filming in a relaxed manner because I don’t have a kiss scene,” he said with a smile, “I’m doing a bad deed, but I think the wicked will be punished in the end.” I hope viewers will get a message that they shouldn’t live like that,” he said, drawing attention by announcing a surprising development.

Kim Hyun-soo and Kim Young-Dae, “Penthouse Kids,” are also expected to develop their love lines in the drama. Kim Hyun-soo, who plays the role of ‘Baena,’ said, “You will be very surprised from the first broadcast. Looking at the script, I thought it was also the last season,” She said. “I can’t say much, but there will be a more urgent and heartbreaking story than the death of ‘Bae-na’.” But since “Lona” and “Seokhoon” have confirmed each other’s feelings, wouldn’t that be the same? We are looking forward to such an end,” She said. Kim Young-Dae, who plays Joo Seok-hoon, also revealed, “Considering the growth process, I think Seok-hoon will try to prevent the tragedy. “I love Lonna so much.”


However, regarding the rating pledge, Eom Ki-jun said, “We expect the ratings for the first broadcast to be 20.8 percent,” adding, “The actors paid 10,000 won each.” We will show more bad deeds in season 3,” he said, raising expectations for his first broadcast.



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