Hi, Kim So-Hyun and Love Alarm Fans lets Trends on Twitter every week until Love Alarm 2 ended.

Lets Trends #TeamSunoh and #TeamHyeYeong all over social media, it’s no secret that Love Alarm is one of the best hits K-drama series of 2019, With just one day left to start the Next series, viewers’ excitement continues to intensify as the story will progress in season 2

LOVE Alarm 2

The last episodes, of season one, brought us two Back later since Lee Hye-young left Hwang Sun-oh house, Sun-Oh accuses Hye-Yeong of using him to get what he wanted. He tells him it’s only a matter of time before he leaves as Sun-Oh turns the attention around to Jojo. The two discuss what she did to him, and he tells his friend that he still likes Jojo. Yuk-Jo shows up midway through their fight and checks out Sun-Oh’s yearbook to find out who Kim Jojo is. Relationships can shift with time, but it seems Sun-Oh and Hye-Yeong’s feelings toward Jo Jo have not changed a single bit.

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love alarm 2 -

Will Jo-Jo and Sun-oh be able to salvage their relationship and live happily ever after, just like in every other K-drama? Or will Love Alarm writers surprise us with Hye-Yeong and Jo Jo ending?

kim jojo

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As the series nears its first episode, we can’t wait to find out the fate of their relationship and the direction of the love triangle.

Will Sun-oh carry on and pursue Kim Jojo? Or will Hye -Yeong let go of her? Whatever the writers have in store for us in its final episodes, we’ve got our fingers crossed and our hearts hoping that everyone will get their happy endings!

So, are you #TeamSunoh or #TeamHyeYeong? Sounds off with your Vote below.

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      Team Hye-Yeong
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