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In today’s Weekly – insta let’s take a look at the first 10th Korean actors with the numbers of their followers.
Most Korean actors now have One or two Social Media account while some are yet to create one. It’s not news anymore that Lee min-ho uses to be among the popular Instagram Hallyu star because the numbers of his followers are always increasing. He updates his account regularly, either with his life daily life activities or promoting his drama.
Always updating your social media accounts happen to be the best way to increase the followers of your SNS Account, these tactics are what the Hallyu stars like in general despite the popularity in the world entertainment industry.
I was expecting Kim so-Hyun to update her Instagram account regularly since she has an upcoming drama and Currently airing drama, a drama ” River where Moon Rises” that received a lot of controversies last week as a result of jisoo School Bully. She didn’t update her social media accounts since 1st March 2021, until 8th March which she posted a new promotional poster for her drama ” River where Moon Rises”.
NOTE: Mostly I try to bring those actors that have had an upcoming, or Airing drama, or those that have recently ended their drama.

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These are the actors we have on our list Today.

Let’s take a look at some of the Kdrama actors, Instagram update and followers for the week.

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Lee Min-Ho, with about 22.9M followers


Cha Eun-woo with 18.1M followers

weekly insta 1

Ji Chang-Wook with 15.7M followers

Ji Chang-wook

Bae Suzy with 15.5M followers

Bae Suzy

Im Yoona with 12.2M followers

Im Yoona

Park Shin-Hye with 11.4M followers

Park Shin-Hye

Kim So-Hyun 10.5M followers

Kim So-Hyun

Kim Ji-won with 6.1M followers

Kim Ji-won

Song-Kang with 5.7M followers


Kim Yoo-Jung with 4.5M followers

Kim Yoo-Jung

With Minho at the top and Kim Yoo-Jung at the least who did, you think will take over the position of lee min-ho? I voted for Kim So-Hyun, nowadays her popularity is rapidly increasing because of her upcoming drama “love Alarm 2” and also “River where the moon rises”. Cast your votes on the Comments Section below indicating their names, and Shared with your friends to support your Star.


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