The Review of ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ (Director Kim Hong-sun) was first screened as a world premiere at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival before its domestic release. The reaction at the Toronto International Film Festival made speculation about the character of the film in many ways. In particular, there were many mentions of the level of violence. Some say that it exceeds the level of ‘I Saw the Devil‘. ‘I saw the devil’ is often referred to as a strong level of violence in Korean films.

Extreme Violence

Project Wolf Hunting', Cinema Review

‘Project Wolf Hunting’, was recently unveiled through a press distribution preview. It was a work that revealed extreme violence that cuts, explodes, and oozes blood as rumored. There are many brutal scenes that most people can’t handle with their eyes open to the extent that those who have seen the movie often use the expression ‘gore movie’.

Nevertheless, ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ has unexpected aspects. These aspects are difficult to dismiss as a brutal action movie that deals with just such content. The fusion of various genres from action to science fiction to fantasy, the use of actors to avoid clichés, and the cruel and dark worldview pushed to the extreme are fun and valuable as they destroy the conventions of crime action films that are regarded as similar.

Project Wolf Hunting', Cinema Review

The film follows what happens in an extreme survival game. It unfolds due to a rebellion within a huge moving prison on the sea that transports heinous criminals. They are being transported from the Pacific to South Korea. The content can be divided into three parts for convenience. In the first part, the survival story of police officer Lee Seok-woo (Park Ho-san) and Lee Da-Yeon (Jung So-ming) who is shaken by the rebellion caused by a group of prisoners Park Jong-doo (Seo In-guk), who looks like absolute evil, in the second part, Alpha (the pure and absolute violence itself) that suddenly appeared. Choi Gwi-hwa) leads a terrifying slaughter play. In the third part, Do-Il (Jang Dong-Yun), a prisoner with a story, and Oh Dae-Woong (Sung Dong-Il), the team leader of the Central Marine Special Rescue Team, who is dispatched directly to the Frontier Titan, finish the game.

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Unexpected Transformation in ‘Project Wolf Hunting’

Project Wolf Hunting', Cinema Review

The transformation of the actors is notable. In particular is the transformation of Seo In-guk as Park Jong-doo. He is an absolute evil that seems to undermine the humanity of those who are watching. Seo In-guk was called to play the role of a brutal criminal being transported from the Philippines, and tattooed stickers all over his body. Not only the visuals, but also the shocking actions that Park Jong-doo performs draws an unexpected side from Seo In-guk. The monstrous human Alpha, played by Choi Gwi-hwa, is the identity of this film. In the face of Alpha’s pure violence, both evil and good humans are disintegrated like a mere breath.

The most special thing about ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ is its hard-boiled worldview, which seems to cut off all the buds of hope. The director foretold at the premiere, the existence of prequels and sequels. It is a film that is difficult to challenge and disregard easily because of its brutality. It is an interesting film in that it has made an uncommon attempt. Running time 121 minutes. It is not rated for youth viewing. Its Opens on the 21st.

Source: Daum

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