‘Project Wolf Hunting’: The new Bloody and Entertaining K-Drama series.

Project_Wolf_HuntingOn the 19th, a media distribution preview and press conference for the movie ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ (Director Kim Hong-sun) was held at CGV I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. In addition to Seo In-guk, who played the lead role, Jang Dong-Yoon, actors Park Ho-san, Jeong So-min, Jang Young-nam, and Kim Hong-seon, who showed strong performances, attended.

‘Project Wolf Hunting’ depicts a hard-boiled survival action in which the most heinous criminals have to be transported from the Pacific to Korea and are put into an extreme situation that has never been seen before.

Actor Seo In-guk |Project Wolf Hunting|

First of all, Seo In-guk, who played the villainous villain Park Jong-doo leads the rebellion in the play, said about his feelings about playing the villain, “Every time I interviewed, I said that I wanted to be a villain, but it was a role that came like fate. There are bad actions, desires, and justifications for success, but Jong-doo has a lot of artificial and unnecessary murders. So he felt pure evil.” He said, “I wondered if I could meet this level of pure evil in other works other than this one. He was a character that I really wanted to try at least once in my life.”

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Actor Jang Dong-yoon <Project Wolf Hunting>

Jang Dong-yoon, plays the role of criminal Doyle, who boarded the transfer ship while hiding a secret in the play. He also undermined the opportunity to appear in ‘Project Wolf Hunting’. Jang Dong-yoon said, “I saw the script and thought it was very unconventional. The characters were attractive, and when I first met the director and heard the story, I thought it was interesting.” . Everything was understood and he even talked about prequels and sequels. I thought there was no gap.”

‘Project Wolf Hunting’ gives off the thrill of watching who will survive. The survival composition of intense characters and hidden characters in one boat in a limited space is attention grabbing. However, the action in the narrative is not only gore that has not been seen in Korean movies before, but it also feels like the blood made from special effects is all over the screen throughout the movie.

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About raising the level significantly, director Kim Hong-sun said, “I did not raise the level just for stimulation. From the planning stage, I wanted to capture what humans did to humans. Talk with the audience about how a human weapon that started with violence and lost its humanity expresses anger. I wanted to do it,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in ‘Wolf Hunt’, not only Seo In-guk, and Jang Dong-yoon, but also Park Ho-san, Jeong So-min , Jang Young-nam, Ko Chang-seok, Son Jong-hak, Lee Seong-wook, Hong Ji-yun, and Seong Dong-il come together and carry out amazing actions with their own weapons. It is the first new work in three years by director Kim Hong-sun. ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ will be released in Korea on the 21st.

Source: Daum


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