queen of baeksang 2023 Knetz pointed out the name that deserves to be named for the Queen’s Award at the 2023 Baeksang Arts Awards.

Recently, a list suddenly appeared online with 8 names that are considered candidates to compete for the Queen’s Award at this year’s Baeksang Arts Awards .

Specifically, these 8 beauties include: Kim Go EunKim Hye Soo , Jeon Jong Seo, Park Eun Bin, Bae SuzySong Hye Kyo , Seo Hyun Jin and Yoona. Although it is not official, the above information still attracts great attention from the Korean film-loving community.

These days, The Glory is creating a big Storm in the Internet. Song Hye Kyo’s acting in the work that is considered a “career gamble” must be said to be very impressive. But according to the majority of netizens, the person who deserves to be named for the prestigious Queen’s Award is “big sister” Kim Hye Soo.

queen of baeksang 2023

Song Hye Kyo performed well in The Glory, but many netizens think that Kim Hye Soo is the one who deserves to become the Queen at Baeksang 2023 – source: Netflix

In addition, there is also a large part of the audience who guess that Park Eun Bin will “take the throne” thanks to the popular role of Woo Young Woo


Fans Comments

– Big sister Kim Hye Soo deserves it. The scene where Kim Tae Ri would hug her to congratulate her like in Baeksang last year, oh, just imagining it makes me happy.

– Although I’m a fan of Song, I have to admit that she is still very poor compared to Kim Hye Soo. Vote for senior hyesoo and the female lawyer one vote each.

– Kim Hye So deserves it because of what she went through with her children.

– Big sisters Kim Hye Soo and Park Eun Bin are the most likely, two explosive dramas with good acting. Personally, I lean more towards the big sister because her acting makes viewers feel the emotions and pain very clearly.

– It can only be Kim Hye Soo or Park Eun Bin. Although I like Bin, it would be a pity if Miss Kim continued to fail.

– Kim Hye Soo go, but I love Park Eun Bin so much.

– One is Kim Hye Soo, the other is Park Eun Bin. Both acting with their characters are very good, but Kim Hye Soo still excels. There are scenes where she portrays the character’s inner self very well. However, Park Eun Bin also showed the state of the character Woo Young Woo very well. Playing the role of a person with autism is no easy feat.

Source: K Love & K14

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