the devil Judge Character


Quiz: which of the “Devil Judge” Character Are you most like

The Devil Judge Characters”  Having proven his excellent acting skills as the titular devil judge Kang Yo Han, Ji Sung commented, “Recently I’ve had the thought that time is moving extremely fast. The year 2021, which I’ve spent with ‘The Devil Judge,’ has already reached its second half. Thinking about how we’ve already come to the final episode leaves me with a bittersweet and sad feeling. As “The Devil Judge” races towards its series finale, Let’s shared a fun glimpse by finding out which Characters of “the devil Judge” are you most like. Let’s catch fun.

the devil Judge Character

  • Question of

    If you will have to choose, which of these dramas is your favorite

    • Dr John
    • He Is Psychometric
    • My Fellow Citizens!
    • Sweet Home
  • Question of

    In your efforts to return favour will you work as any of the following?

    • A Spy
    • A detective
    • A Director
    • A Judge
  • Question of

    having a chance to go to a party with one person, who are you going to choose?

    • Kim Ga-on
    • Kang Yoo-Han
    • Jung Suh-Ah
    • Yoon Soo-Hyun
  • Question of

    Will you as a true detective destroy evidence to protect your friend and your crush?

    • Yes I Will
    • No, I Will rather arrest him
    • I will pretend not to see him
    • No, I wil report to the police
  • Question of

    Which Ji sung is your favourite?

    • Shin Suk-ho (Entertainer)
    • Park Jung-woo (innocent Defender)
    • Cha Joo-hyuk (Familiar wife)
    • Cha Do-Hyun / Perry Park (Kill me, heal Me)
  • Question of

    Which Park Jin-young is your favourite?

    • Lee Ahn (He Is Psychometric )
    • Kim Ga-on (The Devil Judge)
    • Jang Woo-shin (Melting me softly)
    • Yoo Ba-bi / Bobby (Yumi’s Cell)
  • Question of

    You have a date and you’re going to cook for them. What will you cook

    • Kimchi fried rice
    • Tteokbokki
    • Pasta
    • Instant ramen
  • Question of

    If your life could be categorised into a genre, which genre would it be?

    • Fantasy
    • Thriller
    • Mystery
    • Comedy


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