Reborn Rich episode 15: Although he prepared a wedding ring in the previous episode and also planned to meet his girlfriend in episode 15 ‘Reborn Rich’, this plan will probably fall apart after the urgent arrest warrant.

In the previous episode, Reborn Rich , Jin Do Joon understood why his grandfather did not leave his inheritance. President Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) finally gave up on finding an heir while Jin Do Joon also embarked on a plan to acquire Soonyang. Besides separating the internal feelings between the Jin brothers to step by step intervene in Soonyang, Do Joon also received a ‘terrible’ gift from his grandfather, the Micro project, a ghost company containing a huge black fund. in another country.

In episode 15, Soonyang’s family continues to fight each other to get what they want. Not only brothers in the house fight with each other, but their spouses and even children participate in this fight.

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Jin Sung Joon, the eldest grandson of the Jin family, is now a father. In the previous episode, he and his father Jin Young Ki (Yoon Je Moon) still revealed their ambition to win the chair of Soonyang Group, but in the preview trailer for episode 15, Sung Joon confided to his wife: “Later on things like so will continue to return to this inheritance cycle. Dad and brother. And also our son’. 

Jin Young Ki and Jin Dong Ki lost a lot of money to Jin Do Joon because of Soonyang cards and C&T shares. When he seemed to have won the victory, Jin Young Ki leisurely waited for the decision to appoint to the position of chairman of the corporation: “With a stake of more than 2% of C&T, I would like to request permission to conduct the announcement ceremony of Chairman Soonyang. ‘. But unexpectedly, Jin Do Joon dealt a heavy blow to his eldest uncle when declaring, “C&T Soonyang’s biggest shareholder is you”. 

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This made Jin Young Ki extremely surprised and angry.

Just when it seemed that Soonyang had been obtained and favorable in every step, Do Joon’s teammates urged him to meet Min Young (Shin Hyun Been), perhaps this is also Do Joon’s concern. However, the male lead suddenly received an ‘urgent arrest warrant on suspicion of illegal interference in the election’. 

Do Joon accepts the investigation and meets his girlfriend again in an awkward position. Min Young in the present is no longer disappointed, she calmly said: “It turns out that we will meet again like this, as the prosecutor in charge and the suspect.”

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Contents of photo captions

Meanwhile last 2 episodes of ”  Reborn Rich”  will be air at 22:30 pm on Saturday (December 24) and Sunday (December 25) on JTBC. Before that let’s me know what are your thoughts on the Comments section below.

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