A new decision will also be announced in episode 3 ‘Reborn Rich’ which surprised many members of Soonyang’s family.

In episode 2 of Reborn Rich (the youngest son of a tycoon), Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) was reincarnated, returning to the past to live as a boy Jin Doo Joon (Kim Kang Hoon) and fighting to win the approval of his powerful grandfather – president Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min).

Although President Jin initially did not want to accept this grandchild, Do Joon won his grandfather’s trust by using knowledge and understanding from his previous life. At the end of the episode, the boy won Jin Yang Chul’s favor, ignoring the obvious objections from his scheming aunts, uncles, and uncles.

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After the transaction with his grandfather, Jin Do Joon did not stop studying and eventually became the valedictorian of the top law university in Korea. In episode 3, which is about to air, student Jin Do Joon will run into someone with whom Yoon Hyun Woo of his previous life encountered.

In the crowd, Do Joon is surprised to find Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Been), a former prosecutor known as ‘Soonyang’s death god’, who is also a law school student.

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However, in contrast to the stressful meeting in her previous life at Soonyang Corporation, the student Min Young was a completely different girl with a lovely look in glasses and braided hair on both sides. The fierce cold appearance disappeared, replaced with wet eyes for some reason, Jin Do Joon could only look at her with a questioning look that was speechless before this reunion.

Talking about this first meeting in the past, the production crew revealed, “In today’s episode 3, the reunion of Jin Do Joon and Seo Min Young will bring great joy to their cautious life in this life. lead actor. Stay tuned to see how their relationship progressed when they started seeing each other again in the 1990s’.

The preview trailer for episode 3 also ‘teases’ another meeting between Do Joon and Min Young in college. In front of the classroom door, Do Joon caught Min Young and she ran over to ask him: ‘Have we met before?’ but Do Joon just smiled and didn’t reply. To the surprise of his friends when they heard they knew each other, Do Joon revealed that the time to meet was… ’20 years from now.

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Not only that, in the years after Do Joon made a deal with his grandfather and finally brought home the ‘passing paper that cannot be bought with money, the attitude of president Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) towards This grandson has also completely changed.

A segment shows Jin Do Joon coming home and being greeted by his grandfather with joy: ‘Do Joon here?’, then directly taking him to his office. All members of the family were not satisfied, even complaining: ‘Why are you so attached to Do Joon?’.

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Then, the assistant reported to President Jin, “I have already changed the money in Mr. Do Joon’s account to dollars” and the image of the youngest son standing in surprise looking at a mountain of money in front of him. A new decision was also made that surprised many people.

Finally, the assistant said: ‘The president said he wants to leave the right to run Soonyang to someone like you, but this person is not necessarily Do Joon when Jin Yang Chul doubts: ‘It’s you with sharp eyes. Or is it lucky?’.

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What decision surprised Soonyang’s family members? Is Jin Do Joon qualified to become an heir?

Reborn Rich (The youngest son of a tycoon)  has officially aired since the evening of November 18 on jTBC. Episode 3 will air at 22:30 tonight (November 20). In Vietnam, the film is copyrighted by Viettel Media and broadcast in parallel with Vietnamese subtitles on the TV360 application.

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