Preview & Release Date: Revolutionary Sisters Episode 27

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 27″ KBS 2TV’s weekend drama, Hong Eun-hee and Choi Dae-chul make the small screen flutter with “Dramatic Meeting”

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 27 Review

In the last broadcast, Lee Kwang-nam (Hong Eun-hee) and Bae’s lawyer (Choi Dae-chul) decided to clean up their lingering feelings for each other, causing regret. In order to defend Lee Kwang-nam, who is being investigated by the police regarding Hwang Cheon-Gil (Seo-jin), Bae Byun-ho showed his mixed feelings by looking at Lee Kwang-nam and Hwang Cheon-gil’s chubby affectionate comments, but he carefully secured evidence to help Lee get cleared of the charges. Later, Bae said, “I won’t contact you again. Make yourself at home. And don’t die,” he said goodbye with his throat choked, and Lee Kwang-nam also turned around and went away as if it was “the end now.”


Revolutionary Sisters Episode 27 Behind the Scene

On the other hand, Hong Eun-hee and Choi Dae-chul’s “Former Couple” scene was full of laughter due to the baby actor who played the role of a bokdeng. While they were reading the script together and practicing, the bokdeng looked at the two without a single whine, and Choi Dae-chul showed off his excellent acting skills, such as reacting to the lines. Moreover, in the scene where Choi Dae-chul looked at Hong Eun-hee, the bokdeng also fixed his eyes on Hong Eun-hee without wavering, creating a perfect atmosphere. The special teamwork of Hong Eun-hee, Choi Dae-chul, and the baby actor boosted the atmosphere of the scene, further maximizing the image of the divorced couple walking on a tightrope.

The production team said, “As Lee Kwang-nam and Bae Byun-ho meet again dramatically in the drama, another wave is expected in the calm hearts of the two,” adding, “Please watch the 27th episode to be aired on the 19th (Today) how Lee Kwang-nam and Bae Byun-ho will express lingering feelings that they have yet to shake off.”

Meanwhile, the 27th episode of KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “Revolutionary Sisters” will air at 7:55 p.m. on Wednesday (today).



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