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“River Were the Moon Rises” Sad Love Preview – Kim So-Hyun, Jisoo, Lee Ji-hoon, Choi Yoo-Hwa, four-member poster released

KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “River Where the Moon Rises” (written by Han Ji-hoon and directed by Yoon Sang-ho) which is scheduled to premiere on 15 Feb 2021, depicts the true love story of Princess Pyeong-gang (played by Kim So-Hyun), whose life was all about Goguryeo, and General On-dal (played by Ji-soo), who made love history. It is drawing attention as a historical drama romance that adds historical imagination to the story of Goguryeo’s Sulhwa, Princess Pyeonggang, and General Ondal, which everyone has heard at least once.

Kim So-Hyung
Kim So-Hyung

Meanwhile, posters of four people, Pyeong-gang (Kim So-Hyun), On-dal (Ji-soo), Goh-gun (Lee Ji-hoon), and Hae-mo-Yong (Choi Yu-Hwa), who will lead the “River Where the Moon Rises” was released on February 4. The poster, which captures only four faces without any other direction, highlights the actors’ potential to convey the drama with their eyes only. First of all, Pyeong-gang and On-dal, who are shedding tears, are eye-catching. Though looking at different places, the images of the two men with the same facial expressions make Viewers hearts shudder, hinting at sad love.

River Were the Moon Rises
River Were the Moon Rises (Photo=SBS)

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Kim So-Hyun, the “River Were the Moon Rises” will transform into a Goguryeo queen

Photo credit to SBS

The Drama is drawing attention as a work that will revive the spirit of Goguryeo Kingdom in the small screen in 2021, this series will Centre around Kim So-Hyung Who will play dual Role.

River Were the Moon Rises
Queen Yeon-River Were the Moon Rises

Attention is focusing on her acting transformation as she will play the best character of Queen Yeon, the Mother of Pyeong-gang, and will try to play a double role.
Queen Yeon, the mother of Pyeonggang, was the queen of Goguryeo who constantly tried to think about and practice what would be Good for the people. She rose to the throne at an early age, but acts with determination when it comes to her beliefs. She is also a mother who nurtured Pyeong-gang and Tae-ja-won in a benevolent and wise manner.

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Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Moonrise River” will premiere at 9:30 p.m. on Monday, February 15

Kim So-Hyun in a dual role, and With Ji-soo, how do you think they will fit the Role of Pyeong-gang (Queen Yeon) and On-dal stories that everyone knows?

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