Rose (BLACKPINK) dating: View all information about BLACKPINK The intimate images between Rosé (BLACKPINK) and the director of Spotify’s music department make netizens unable to help but question the relationship between the two.

As the leading girl’s group not only in Korea but even globally today, BLACKPINK always makes people curious about the information around them. In particular, speculation about the relationships of the 4 girls has always been of great interest.

Recently, a topic related to the dating rumour between Rosé and Jérémy Erlich – the director of Spotify’s music department – has attracted terrible views on the Korean forum Pann.

In the post, netizens summarize many moments in Rosé clearly showing her close relationship with Jérémy Erlich:

Contents of photo captions
Contents of photo captions

The two were not shy to talk throughout Dua Lipa’s concert.

Contents of photo captions
Contents of photo captions

Rosé was seen with Jérémy Erlich going to a hotel in the West.

Contents of photo captions


Rose (BLACKPINK) dating

Sit together at the event, and ride in the car together.

Rose (BLACKPINK) dating

In a photo taken together while attending a movie event, Rosé let the businessman comfortably put his hand on her bare waist.

Many netizens also expressed their agreement and said that between the main vocalist of BLACKPINK and the head of the music department of the world’s largest music platform, there is a “friendship” relationship.

However, there are also many opinions that netizens are too sensitive. Above all, these images can only prove the closeness between Rosé and Jérémy Erlich, not enough to show that the two are back and forth.

Even if they are dating, Rosé and Jérémy Erlich are both single, which is not a bad thing.

Some comments from Korean netizens:

‘The person who posted this needs to wake up!’.

‘I don’t know if it’s anything, but I’m suddenly suspicious of being talked about like this…’.

‘It’s okay, they’re all single, aren’t they?’.

‘It’s not just BLACKPINK who is close to him, there are dozens of other artists who also take pictures regularly?’.

‘Looking at the picture, it seems suspiciously strange, but in fact, in foreign countries, those actions are normal, it is an acceptable communication between men and women. Stop being sensitive.

‘Does it mean that men and women entering the same hotel are shady? Why doesn’t anyone think they go to the restaurant in the hotel to eat or just happen to be in the same place to rest?’.

This is not the first time Jérémy Erlich has been caught up in love rumours with a BLACKPINK member. The businessman has a close relationship with the members of the group, even regularly “streaming” music for the 4 YG girls. Before that, Lisa was also suspected of having an affair with Jérémy Erlich.

Rose (BLACKPINK) dating

Jérémy Erlich once boasted that BLACKPINK is one of the 5 artists I listen to the most in 2022.

Source: K14

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