Singer Han Kyung-il also experienced something similar to Lee Seung-gi in the past. He was so popular that he released the mega-hit song ‘Half of My Life, but he did not receive a single penny from his activities as a singer. Being misled by his agency’s noise marketing, he confessed that after being banned from broadcasting, he suffered as much as he lived in a house with cockroaches. It is a sad story of ‘Eul’.Han Kyung-il, who debuted in 2002, received a lot of love with ‘I Loved One’ and ‘Sad Invitation’. In particular, ‘Half of My Life’ is her mega-hit song, considered a representative ballad of the 2000s. At a time when the stock price was rising, Han Kyung-il suddenly disappeared from the broadcasting industry. Han Kyung-il recently told the story of his sudden disappearance in MBN’s ‘Special World’. He recalled, “I was doing well with my 3rd album, but then the president of the agency suddenly gave me pocket money and said, ‘You go somewhere for a week or so and hide'”. He continued, “In order to get a little more attention, I came up with a strategy called ‘I went into hiding because of trouble with my agency. After that, the singer Han Kyung-il was stigmatized as an irresponsible person by broadcasters. After that, I couldn’t broadcast, and I didn’t come to outside events. 2004 At the end of 2011, his prime was over,” he confessed. Even in his prime, he didn’t make any money. Han Kyung-il said, “I didn’t have a single penny of income. Even if I tried to say that it was difficult, I couldn’t give it because I had no money. In today’s terms, it’s a slave contract.” He continued, “Lastly, I sold my only semi-basement house, paid off all my debts, and sat down on the street. My older sister, who was married, had no choice but to live at home with my father, mother, and me.”

'The Original Ballad Prince' Han Kyung-il, Like Lee Seung-gi, Settlement = 0 won "I obeyed" Confession [TEN People]
Singer Han Kyung-il


'The Original Ballad Prince' Han Kyung-il, Like Lee Seung-gi, Settlement = 0 won "I obeyed" Confession [TEN People]
Singer Han Kyung-il
Photo = Captured from YouTube channel ‘Recent Olympics’

Recently, Han Kyung-il recalled the situation at the time by telling the current situation of running a vocal academy on the YouTube channel Recent Olympics’. He confessed, “I tried to do noise marketing at my agency.”Han Kyung-il said, “Since his debut, he has worked without receiving a single penny. He did not receive as much as specified in the contract.” Han Kyung-il, who was suffering from living difficulties, refused to be invited to a broadcast later, saying, “There was nothing to gain by showing people how I live. It was to the point of being ridiculed. Three of my parents were living in a small house on monthly rent. It was also a house where cockroaches came out.” said to have done Han Kyung-il also told the story of ‘settlement amount = 0 won’ on the YouTube channel ‘Voluntary Marriage’. Han Kyung-il said, “At that time, there was a lot of that. Others didn’t obey and argued.” Isn’t it a situation where even hope disappears if you don’t do it? I didn’t like that.”Han Kyung-il’s story is reminiscent of the recent wave of ‘0 won settlement revenue’ between the agency and Lee Seung-gi. Lee Seung-gi has released about 137 songs over 18 years, but he claims to have not received a single penny settlement, covering the fight with the hook enter. In the recently aired KBS2 ‘Year-round Plus’, while dealing with the incident, Lee Seung-gi was quoted by an expert saying that he was gaslighted by Hook Enter. Regarding Lee Seung-gi, who has been to a psychiatrist, a specialist said, “Gaslighting is psychologically manipulating another person over a long period of time.” explained. He continued, “It is said that he heard the words, ‘You are a negative singer for a long time and ‘You have not been able to make money on digital music.’ He mentioned the possibility of gaslighting damage.

Singer Han Kyung-il

Problems with the non-settlement of music revenue have often occurred. Park Hyo-shin and Sleepy also had conflicts with their agencies, claiming that they had not been properly settled for digital music profits. The status of K-pop has risen, but the contract system, such as music source revenue distribution, is still incomplete. It suggests the establishment of a transparent and fair system and the improvement of awareness.

Source: 10Asian

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