Snowdrop Distorted History JTBC filed a criminal lawsuit against netizens accusing the drama Snowdrop (starring Blackpink singer Jisoo) of distorting history.

According to Allkpop, JTBC on April 8 confirmed that it had filed a criminal lawsuit against netizens who accused “Snowdrop” of distorting history. The station added that the defendants are individuals who often spread false rumors about “Snowdrop” with bad intentions.

“Due to the spread of such rumors and accusations, ‘Snowdrop’ crew members suffered from malicious cyber attacks. The production company and some sponsors for the movie serious damage” – JTBC station explained the reason for filing the lawsuit; At the same time, they expressed their wish that the actions would remind the public of the seriousness of spreading evil rumors.

Snowdrop Distorted History
Jung Hae-in and Ji Soo play the male and female lead roles
They both have a good pairing and good acting
Snowdrop Distorted History
Some netizens accuse the movie of distorting history

“Snowdrop” is a TV series produced by JTBC. The drama has the participation of Jung Hae-in, Ji Soo (BlackPink), Yoo In-na, Kim Min-gue, Kim Hye-yoon… and airs from December 2021 to February 2022.

Before that, in March 2021, a wave of controversy broke out after the producer announced the introduction of the movie “Snowdrop”. Based on the synopsis, many viewers accused the film of using the name of a real historical figure without permission. They also argue that the film’s plot distorts history, specifically the democracy movement that took place in the 1980s in South Korea.

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As soon as the first episodes aired, it created a wave of violent boycotts. A petition sent to the Blue House with more than 300,000 signatures asked to stop broadcasting the film. A series of sponsor brands announced to leave the film. “Snowdrop” became a controversial topic between two streams of opinion, criticism, and defense.

Before this wave, JTBC changed the name of the heroine, denying any accusations of distorting history. Radio points out that freedom and independence in creativity is an important part of creating a work’s success.

The broadcaster respects the audience’s right to freely criticize or have an opinion on the content of the film at a healthy level. However, with malicious criticism, terrorizing those involved in the production of the film without regard to the actual content of the work in question forces them to take legal action.

The station is determined to file a lawsuit against the netizens who spread false rumors about the drama
They hope this will remind the public of the seriousness of spreading rumors
They hope this will remind the public of the seriousness of spreading rumors
Snowdrop Distorted History
Snowdrop Distorted History


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