Who is a child actor who was surprised that Son Ye-jin looks alike?

Son Ye Jin Look Alike, Actress Kim So-Hyun, played the childhood role of the main character, Deok-hye, in the 2016 movie ‘Princess Deok-hye’. Park Hae-il also expressed that she thought Kim So-Hyun was her sister because she resembled Son Ye-jin so much.

Princess Deokhye director Heo Jin-ho appearance Son Ye-jin, Park Hae-il, Yoon Je-moon, Kang Woo, Ra Mi-ran, Jeong Sang-hoon, Park Joo-mi, Park Soo-young, Toda Na-ho, Ahn Nae-sang, Kim Jae-wook, Kim So-Hyun, Shin Rin-ah, Yeo Hoe-Hyeon, Lee Hyo-je, Lee Chae-eun, Lee Se-na, Jeong Se-hyeong, Kim Seung-hoon, Ahn Sang-woo, Do Yong-gu, Akiba Rie, Se-Hyeon Jang, Ji-Hyeon Kwak, Chung-gu Jeong, Hye-won Oh, Jong-seo Lim, Seong-taek Park, Chang-Hyeon Han, Sang-Ji Nam, Cheon-ki Baek, Min-su Song, Ji-soo Park, Jeong-seop Shin, Jeong-won Choi, Eun-Kyung Choi, Tasuku Yamanouchi, Jin-wook Kim, Woo-young Jung, Ji-Yong Jang, Ji-an Kimgrade

Kim So-hyun’s Instagram

In response, Son Ye-jin also acknowledged that ‘we look alike’ and said that Kim So-hyun, whom I have always looked at, was grateful and proud of her role as Princess Deok-hye’s child.

Son Ye Jin Look alike

Son Ye-jin, who seems to have naturally transitioned from a child role to an adult thanks to the synchronization rate, praised Kim So-hyun’s acting, saying that it would have never been easy to perform a restrained acting at a young age, saying that she felt like a mother.

Son Ye Jin Look alike

Kim So-hyun’s beauty resembling Son Ye-jin enough to be called ‘Little Son Ye-jin’ became a topic of discussion, but even those who think they don’t look alike can’t help but be convinced by the photo below.

This photo once swept the internet. How many people can guess right away whether the main character in this picture is Son Ye-jin or Kim So-hyun? Most people think it’s Kim So-hyun, but it’s not.

As you can see, it’s Son Ye-jin. Kim So-hyun has chosen Son Ye-jin as the actress she wants to meet at least once before ‘Princess Deok-hye’.

Son Ye Jin Look alike
Princess Deokhye

Unfortunately, the two played adult and child roles that could not be met in the work, but I hope that the day will soon come when we will see the warm images of the two actors working together in the same work.

Son Ye Jin Look alike
Kim So-hyun’s Instagram

Kim So-hyun, who is now in her mid-twenties, appeared in ‘River where the Moon rise‘ and ‘Season 2 of Like If You Like’ last year, and is considering appearing in the webtoon-based drama ‘Is it a coincidence?’.

Source: Daum

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