Song Joong ki and Kim Tae ri, dating in Paris Dating rumors are fake news?

Actor Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri made a statement about the dating rumors on YouTube, saying, “It’s not true.”

On the 24th, on a YouTube channel, ‘Song Joong-ki ♥ Kim Tae-ri’s picture was taken abroad… A video titled ‘The Pink Romance Rumors broke out’ and raised the dating rumors.

The YouTube channel claimed that the dating rumors were spreading, saying that photos of Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri dating on a street in Paris are spreading. The photo uploaded to YouTube by Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri on a date in Paris is a photo of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin from behind. When Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin went on their honeymoon to the United States, the behind-the-scenes photo taken by the paparazzi turned into a photo of Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri in a back alley in Paris, turning into a dating rumor.

Then, while filming the movie ‘Space Sweepers‘, we worked together to create a video where we praised and thanked each other. Song Joong-ki, who attended the open talk for the movie ‘Victory’ at the Busan International Film Festival last year, mentioned that fellow actor Kim Tae-ri could not attend and said, “I miss Tae-ri very much” as evidence of a dating rumor.

Song Joong ki and Kim Tae ri
/Photo = Netflix, Internet community

On the 29th, Song Joong-ki’s agency, Hi Ji-eum Studio, told Star News that “the dating rumors are groundless.” Kim Tae-ri’s agency, Management MMM, also told Star News on the same day, “The dating rumors are groundless.”

The channel that raised this dating rumor is creating fake news aimed at the number of views by stitching comments from online communities and netizens and showing them in a ‘or not’ way. Not only Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri, who saw the video, but also Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin, who were expecting a son in December, were in an absurd situation.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki is currently waiting for the broadcast of ‘The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate’ and is filming the movie ‘Hwaran’. Kim Tae-ri is waiting for the release of the second part of the movie ‘Alien + Human’ and will meet viewers with ‘Devil’.


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