Former Korean reporter Lee Jin Ho once clarified all the suspicions surrounding Song Joong Ki and his new wife – Katy Louise Saunders. Recently, former entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho posted a video revealing a series of information about the currently very hot couple – Song Joong Ki and former actress Katy Louise Saunders . In the video, Lee Jin Ho clarifies a series of noises from the rumor that Katy has two children to the misunderstandings related to the actor’s youngest tycoon . Notably, the former reporter also revealed details showing that Song Joong Ki discriminated between his new wife and his ex-wife Song Hye Kyo .

Regarding the suspicion that the former British actor has 2 children of his own, Lee Jin Ho revealed: “About Katy having 2 children before coming to Song Joong Ki, I can only confirm that she was not pregnant in 2012 as believed. Some pictures from 2012 show Katy’s belly protruding, but as far as I can see, she’s not pregnant.I did a lot of research and found out that she’s supposed to be a girl. Katy in the previous series of photos that caused a stir may just be her best friend’s daughter.”

Lee Jin Ho thinks that Katy is not pregnant in 2012 like many previous rumors


Clarifying the rumor that Song Joong Ki's wife has 2 children of his own, revealing how the actor discriminated against his new wife and Song Hye Kyo - Photo 3.

According to the former reporter, the girl who is said to be Katy’s child may just be the child of a close friend of the former actress

Clarifying the rumor that Song Joong Ki's wife has 2 children of his own, revealing how the actor discriminated against his new wife and Song Hye Kyo - Photo 4.
In the series of rare photos, it can be seen that the pregnant and giving birth person is Katy’s best friend

Lee Jin Ho also repeatedly emphasized the detail that Song Joong Ki praised his new wife as a wise person. As for Song Hye Kyo, the actor’s youngest son of a tycoon has never used this word to describe his ex-wife.

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This makes a part of the audience think that Song Joong Ki seems to discriminate between his new wife and his ex-wife Song Hye Kyo. Meanwhile, many people objected that it was impossible to rely on one word to make such an argument, because in fact, Song Joong Ki also gave many “winged” compliments to Song Hye Kyo during this time. warmly with her.

Song Joong Ki praised his new wife as wise, but he never said that about Song Hye Kyo

Also in the video, the former reporter surnamed Lee also clarified the misunderstandings surrounding Song Joong Ki. Many viewers thought Song Joong Ki fell in love easily, but according to Lee Jin Ho, the actor thought carefully before deciding to marry Katy.

It is known that he went back and forth with the former actor for nearly 3 years before making his love affair public. Lee Jin Ho also clarified the suspicion that Song Joong Ki was indifferent to Katy when he always kept quiet about rumors that she had her own child, was married, etc. According to former reporter surnamed Lee, Song Joong Ki did so for a reason, because as an A-list superstar, any explanation of the actor can lead him to be caught up in even more serious rumors.

Lee Jin Ho also emphasized that it was Song Joong Ki who took the initiative to announce the marriage news to the public. It is because of this that the former reporter praised the actor’s youngest son of a tycoon with a masculine temperament. In the end of the video, Lee Jin Ho jokingly said that Song Joong Ki is very charming with Bali. In the past, the male god Song used to go to Bali right before marrying Song Hye Kyo, and now, he has announced his marriage to a new wife when the couple just returned from Bali not long ago.

    Song Joong Ki came to Bali right before his wedding with Song Hye Kyo. Not long ago, he also returned with Katy from Bali

    Source: Kenh14

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