Song Joong-ki And Park Ji-Hyun The relationship in “the youngest son of the Conglomerate” fluctuates. On the 3rd, JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Reborn Rich’ released still images of Jin Do-Joon (Song Joong-ki), Seo Min-Yeong (Shin Hyun-bin), and Mo Hyun-min (Park Ji-Hyun) in the middle of a mixed relationship. It stimulates curiosity about where the emotions of these three people will go.

In the last broadcast, Jin Do-Joon’s fierce movement to completely obtain Sunyang unfolded. Jin Do-jun found out that Jin Yang-chul (Lee Seong-min) sacrificed his mother (Seo Jeong-Yeon) and other common people to raise slush funds. As the opportunity for revenge became stronger, he jumped into the New Seoul Town project to block Sunyang’s path. As planned, he succeeded in blocking Jin Seong-jun and the construction of Sunyang and winning the business right, but Jin Yang-Cheol’s counterattack soon followed. The prosecution was mobilized to arrest Oh Se-Hyeon (Park Hyuk-Kwon). The face-to-face meeting between Jin Do-Joon, the ‘Miracle’s major shareholder’, and Jin Yang-Cheol, the ‘Emperor of the Sunyang Empire’, exploded tension and made people curious about the next story.

▲ ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family’ to be broadcast on the 3rd. Provided|JTBC

Jin Do-Joon ran without looking back, only to destroy Sun-yang. In the process, Seo Min-young, who was sure of their feelings for each other, was hurt alone, and Jin Do-Joon had to let him go by talking about his ‘qualifications’. In the meantime, the released photos add to the sadness by showing the two people crossing each other again. Jin Do-Joon stands alone at a cafe full of memories with Seo Min-young, and Seo Min-young appears late when he left. The emotions that pass through the faces of the two people allow us to guess their complex inner thoughts.

On the other hand, a strange atmosphere between Jin Do-Joon and Mo Hyun-min was also captured. Mo Hyun-min had previously tried to defeat Jin Seong-Joon and an arranged marriage and establish Jin Do-Joon as a new ‘protagonist’. Whether his new scenario can be realized is a matter of interest.

The production team of ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family’ said, “The moment of choice comes to Jin Do-Joon, who cannot stop fighting. He really wants to see who he will choose as a partner for his goal, and where his emotions and rationality will go.”

The 7th episode of JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘The youngest son of a chaebol’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 3rd.

Source: Daum

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