Dramas and movies based on true stories are being produced one after another and are attracting attention. Netflix’s ‘Suriname‘, an adaptation of the Korean drug lord Jo Bong-hang arrested in Brazil in 2011, is gaining worldwide popularity, and the movie ‘Project Wolf Hunting‘ is inspired by a true story that was released on the 21st. The film puts the director’s imagination on the case of the repatriation of Korean criminals in 2017 and dyed the screen bloody with high-level violence throughout the 121 minutes of running time.

Project Holf Hunter and Suriname
Project Holf Hunter and Suriname

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Project Wolf Hunting’, inspired by the case of repatriation of Korean criminals

In the first half of the movie, the main story is the struggle between the criminals who got their hands on the ship and the detectives who have to subdue them and transport them to Korea. Actor Seo In-guk, who plays the role of Interpol Red Wanted Park Jong-doo, catches the eye with his heinous villain performance. The scene of assault that cuts a person’s body like butcher’s meat to his heart’s content and cuts his head off with an ax transcends the fear of most fish.

This is the director’s idea that was inspired by a true story and expanded into a genre. Director Kim Hong-sun, who directed the film, said at a press preview held at CGV Yongsan on the 19th, “I read an article about the mass repatriation of 47 criminals from the Philippines to Korea in 2017. In reality, they were transferred to a Korean prison. If a new story begins without ending here, I thought that it would be a new crime action movie.”

In fact, it is rare that ships are used to repatriate criminals abroad. For this reason, the production team suggested the setting that the victim’s side detonated a suicide bomb when transporting criminals to Korea in the past, killing several people. The story unfolds as criminals are repatriated through a cargo ship terminal. It is difficult to access by civilians to prevent accidents in advance.

‘Project Wolf Hunting’

Following the brutal killings of criminals, in the second half of the movie, Alpha (Choi Gwi-hwa) is introduced as a new villain. Alpha, which has existed since the Japanese colonial period, suppresses criminals with superhuman abilities. The problem is that not only the criminals, but everyone on the ship died at Alpha’s hands without even resisting. The film evolves into a horror sci-fi because of the presence of Alpha who crushes people’s heads with their feet and cuts off their knees with their hands.

The existence of Alpha also started with newspaper reports. Director Kim said, “I was inspired by an article in a daily newspaper in 2001. It stated the existence of Unit 731 in China in the 1940s and was also confirmed in the Philippines.” So, the film even depicts the atrocities of the Japanese imperialists conducting biological experiments during the Pacific War. Various genres are mixed and the level of violence is too high, but it is attracting attention abroad first. It was invited to the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, which opened on the 8th, and Fantastic Fest. Director Kim said, “There is a lot of interest in Korean content overseas because of the good works made by seniors such as the movie ‘Parasite’ and Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’. I want to show you.”

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‘Suriname’, the drug lord’s job case + Fiji forced labor pastor’s case as a drama … Suriname government protest

Netflix original series ‘Suriname‘ is a drama adaptation of the real story of a Korean drug lord Jo Bong-haeng. It also tells of a civilian businessman K who worked as an undercover for the National Intelligence Service to catch him. This incident was reported in the media in 2011. Perfect Storm Film CEO Kang Myeong-chan and actor Ha Jung-woo suggested that the video work began.

Director Jong-bin Yoon spoke in an interview with Sports Seoul recently. He said, “When I first heard the transcript of K, which was delivered by CEO Kang, I wondered how civilians could risk their lives to undercover the NIS.” This was more dramatic, he said.

Not only K. Pastor Jeon Yo-hwan, played by Hwang Jung-min, mixed the story of drug lord Jo Bong-haeng and a church pastor. He was arrested for sending hundreds of followers to Fiji in 2019 for forced labor. Director Yoon said, “I also came across the Fiji case through a newspaper report.”

Since it is based on a true story, diplomatic disputes have arisen. The Surinamese government argued it described its country as a drug state. They also said that it would consider legal action against the production company, which caused a huge stir. Director Yoon made a position of ‘no comment’ on the government case in Suriname. He said, “I didn’t feel the need to set it as a fictional country, it’s based on a real story.”

Source: Daum

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