Concern over the replacement of Model Taxi Driver Writer.

concerns over the replacement of Taxi Driver writer, can it continue to keep its Ratings?

An official from SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Taxi Driver ” (playwright Oh Sang-ho/directed by Park Joon-woo) told the news on May 17 that Oh Sang-ho, who wrote the script from the first episode, joined the series up to 10 times and was replaced by Lee Ji-Hyun from the 11th episode.

He added, “With the mutual agreement between the writer and the director due to differences in the direction of the work, Oh Sang-ho will drop out and Lee Ji-Hyun will write the remaining episodes.”

The movie, which first aired on April 9, is a private revenge drama in which taxi company Rainbow Woon-soo and taxi driver Kim Do-gi complete revenge on behalf of others victim.

The story, which is based on actual events such as the Jeotgal factory slave incident, school violence, company overuse, and voice phishing, increased the level of immersion, and unlike reality, he showed cheerful revenge, refreshingly relieving the viewers’ frustration.

The ratings were also proportional to the popularity. “Taxi Driver ” which marked a high start with 10.7 per cent (National Standard for Nielsen Korea), maintained double-digit ratings in each episode, recording 15.3 per cent in the 12th episode aired on May 15.

While “taxis driver” are on the rise, the news of the writer’s replacement has been reported. There are many concerns about the development. This is because OCN’s weekend drama “Wild Rumor” (written by Yeo Ji-na/directed by Yoo Sun-dong) suffered a drop in ratings after the writer was replaced

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