The Devil Judge Episode 2

The Devil Judge” “Episode 2 Recap”  actor Jin-young collapsed, blocking a bomb instead of Ji-sung. Ji Sung’s next target was the son of Jang Young-nam, and the office explosion brought about a crisis.

The Devil Judge: Episode 2 Recap

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Judge Kang Yo-han a national hero by giving a 235-year sentence

Judge Kang Yo-han (Ji Sung) became a national hero by giving a 235-year sentence to the chairman of Ju Chemical who released toxic waste material in water, and Kim Ga-on (Jin Young) doubted the true intention of the witness who Changes his statement at last minute. After the trial, Kang took Oh Jin-ju (played by Kim Jae-Kyung) and Kim Ga-on to eat. At the dining room, Oh Jin-ju asked happily about the childhood of Yo-Han and forced him to say, “That’s right, I was born with a golden spoon,” he said, drawing attention by saying that his late father was a second-generation private moneylender “My father, who passed away in the past, was a private moneylender and made a confession by saying you can imagine growing such man (Father),” Kang said while having a meal with Ga-on and Jin-joo after the trial. Kang Yo-han knew that Kim Ga-on’s father was killed after being swindled of all his property, and Kim Ga-on, who was upset, Stand up saying, “I don’t feel good inside.” At that same time, Justice Minister Cha Kyung-hee was angry at Kang’s move and suspected that he had joined hands with Huh Joong-se (played by Baek Hyun-jin) or Seo secretly.

The Devil Judge Episode 2 Recap

Cha Kyung-hee was angry when she visited Seo, but Jeong Sun-ah (played by Kim Min-jung) pointed out that it was good for Cha Kyung-hee, the next ruling party presidential candidate, saying, “The ruling party’s approval rating rose 17 percent after the trial.” meanwhile Kim Ga-on told his friend, police officer Yoon Soo-Hyun (played by Park Kyu-young), that he is suspicious of Kang Yo-han, and the two then witnessed Kang punishing a chaebol man by car.
The chaebol man drove dangerously fast and threatened citizens, and while Kim Ga-on and Yoon Soo-Hyun were chasing him, Yo-han overtook him first. After threatening him in the same way, Kang smashed the car with a hammer and pretended to take drugs out of a man’s car. The panicked chaebol man was shocked to see the Drugs and his leave his fingerprints as he touched a drug bag. The chaebol man failed to report Yo-Han even though he recognized him, Suspecting eyes, Yoon Soo-Hyun helped Kim Ga-on to investigate Kang Yo-han and questioned the person who wrote the comment, “Kang Yo-Han is the devil.” Meanwhile, Yo-Han, Ga-on, and Oh Jin-Joo were invited to a charity fashion show but Kim refused.  Jin-ju went to a fashion show with Kang Yo-han and met Jeong Sun-ah for the first time. Jung Sun-ah praised Oh Jin-ju for “shining the most during the trial.”

The Devil Judge Episode 2

Jung Sun-ah then warned Kang Yo-han that the foundation people don’t like the reversal, saying, “He doesn’t have the charm of enjoying himself,” but Yo-han said, “I’m sorry. I’m very happy now,” he said. Oh Jin-ju told Seo meaningfully, “Maybe I’m less on the road.” Yo-han then met Cha Kyung-hee’s family, and Cha Kyung-hee’s son was a chaebol man whom he threatened. At the same time, Kim Ga-on met with a person who wrote a comment that Kang Yo-han was a devil, and he revealed that Kang, who transferred to a new school in elementary school, was ostracized by killing a bird that entered the classroom, and later, the children’s belongings in the upper neighborhood disappeared, causing all of his classmates to fight in a suspicious manner. When Kim Ga-on heard that, he went to Kang’s room and found out that the wiretap had been removed.

“Are you looking for this?” said Kang, and Kim Ga-on said, “Did you know that? Why on earth are you doing this?” Kang Yo-han said, “Because I can. Possibilities are like drugs. At the same time, Kim Ga-on, who smelled strange, wrapped up his coercion, saying, “I avoid it,” and he drew attention. At that time, the bomb on the picture on the wall exploded, and Kang Yo-han helped Kim Ga-on, who fell down instead of trying to protect him, and went outside.

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Kang Yo-Han first case was the toxic wastewater leak at the JU Chemical plant, which claimed the lives of children and elderly people living in rural villages, which seemed to be on the side of the weaker side than anyone else, but yawning and shedding tears, which shocked not only associate judge Kim Ga-on but also viewers. My attention is drawn to Yo-han’s move, an “evil judge” who seems unclear about whether he is moving for good or evil. Expectations are mounting over what kind of target Kang will target in the remaining episodes, which will be followed by whether he will show an unexpected twist. What are your thoughts about this Episode? Voice out in the Comments Section below.

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