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“The Devil Judge” A fierce prelude between Ji Sung and Park Kyu-young a head Episode 3

“The Devil Judge” A fierce prelude between Ji Sung and Park Kyu-young has been released a head Episode 3

In the tVN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “The Devil Judge,” which opened its doors splendidly last week, the unusual images of the judges Kang Je-han (Jisung) and Yoon Soo-Hyun (Park Kyu-young) were revealed, making people sweat.

The Devil Judge Episode 3 Preview

In the photo released, Kang Yu-han is drawing attention at a mysterious place, wearing a black hood deeply. Yoon Soo-Hyun is then aiming a gun at someone to maximize tension. The fact that she took out the gun is like a dangerous situation, which also raises concerns. In addition, Yoon Soo-Hyun’s imagination is encouraged by who the opponent is headed by the gun.

The Devil Judge Episode 3

In particular, Yoon Soo-Hyun expressed her expectation that Kang will be the new savior who will completely reform the judicial system of the Republic of Korea, which is in turmoil. However, Kim Ga-on (Jinyoung), an old friend of hers, did raise doubts about him, and She was carefully investigating the case, witnessing the dubious corner of forced labor. Furthermore, after hearing from Kang’s elementary school classmate that “he is evil,” Kim Ga-on is keeping an eye on all of Kang’s activities.

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This raises the possibility that Yoon Soo-hyun was forced to point a gun at him while trying to back Kang Je-han. In addition, Kang’s hidden helper, K (Lee Ki-taek), is on the scene, which adds enough persuasion to the speculation and makes people wait for the next episode.

Meanwhile, the mystery of intelligence’s activities, which are different day and night, can be seen in the third episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “The Devil Judge,” which airs at 9 p.m. on the 10th.


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