The Forbidden marriage Park Joo Hyun

The Forbidden marriage Park Joo Hyun commits an outspoken scam in front of the king. In this drama which will be broadcasted for the first time on December 9, So-rang (Park Joo-hyun) becomes king Lee Heon (Kim Young-dae) because of a fleeting lie. ) pretends to be possessed by Crown Princess Ahn (played by Kim Min-Joo) who died in front of her.

The Forbidden marriage Park Joo Hyun


So-rang is said to completely enchant Lee Heon with his attention-grabbing acting and make him immerse himself. On the other hand, Lee Heon has a face that looks like he will shed tears at any moment.

As Sorang acts as if possessing Crown Princess Ahn, Park Joo Hyun in The Forbidden marriage an invisible link is formed between Sorang, Lee Heon, and Crown Princess Ahn, adding fresh fun to the play. Attention is focused on whether Sorang Lee Hun will be able to continue acting until the day she forgets the deceased Crown Princess and withdraws her golden spirit from the country.

The producers of ‘Golden Spirits’ said, “So-rang, who has been guarding the king’s side with a lie in an instant, is entrusted with the heavy-duty of having to wipe away Lee Heon’s demon spirit and send Crown Princess Ahn away from him. Please keep an eye on what kind of change Lee Heon will face in the tumultuous acting of possessed possession, and how the two will be intertwined.” Broadcast at 9:50 pm on the 9th. 

Source: Daum

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