the young lady and gentleman Actress Lee Se-hee drew attention by releasing a Photo on her SNS

The main Character of the Young Lady and Gentlemen” Lee Se-Hee” drew attention by releasing a photo of herself, six years ago on social media.

This is Lee Se-hee's Instagram.
This is Lee Se-hee’s Instagram.

Lee Se-hee posted a photo on her Instagram on Monday with a message titled “Lee Se-hee in 2016.”In the photo released, Lee Se-hee poses staring at the camera against the backdrop of the exhibition.

the young lady and gentleman Actress Lee Se-hee

She caught the eye by wearing a blue coat and showing off her beauty as it is now. In particular, her long straight hair drew attention by creating a unique and innocent atmosphere.

Also, she showed off her innocent charm with clear skin without blemishes and a slightly smiling face, which impressed viewers. She showed her freshness with a rather awkward pose here.

the young lady and gentleman Actress Lee Se-hee 2

SNS users who saw the photo said on Lee Se-hee’s Instagram, “you look different now. She also responded by saying, “you thought I was a high school student,”?  While continues by saying “You’re as pretty as you are now,” “Moving dolls,” and “You’re also pretty when you’re young.”

Park DanDan

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Lee Se-hee was born in 1991 and is 31 years old this year. She made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2015 through the music video of singer Na Yoon-Kwon’s song “364 Days’ Dream.”

Since then, Lee Se-hee, who has continued to play a minor role with a supporting role in dramas and movies, is currently gaining huge popularity by playing a leading role in the KBS2 weekend drama “A Gentleman and a Lady.”

Lee Se-hee has been receiving positive reviews from viewers for her impressive performance as the heroine Park Dan-dan.

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