Byun Woo-suk and Kang Mi-na join the cast of “Thinking of the Moon when Flowers Blooms”

“Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Blooming,” has complete The four-member youth group with the addition of Byun Woo-suk and Kang Mi-na to the drama which has been drawing attention day after day with the casting of Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Hye-ri.

“Byun Woo-suk and Kang Mi-na have joined the drama, completing the casting of the four young people,” said KBS2’s new drama “Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Blooms,” which is scheduled to air in the second half of this year. Will tells the story of the era of abstinence, “crossing the line” four young people sharing friendship, getting drunk in love and growing up. It is a fusion historical drama that was only brought against the backdrop of the late Joseon Dynasty when the strict prohibition order was issued. Producer Hwang In-hyuk, who directed the film, has received great reviews from critics for his sensuous production through “Doctor Prisoner,” raising expectations for his fresh products in the upcoming film.

Thinking of the Moon when Flowers Blooms

Byun Woo-suk will play Prince Lee Pyo, who is equipped with rebellious beauty in the era of abstinence. Lee Pyo is the owner of “Face that Lights the World Wherever You Go” and was not destined to become a crown prince from the beginning, but is currently the only prince to succeed to the throne.

Prince Lee Pyo’s only friend who has everything. In the era when the prohibition order was issued, people sneaked out of the palace and went in and out of the wheat kitchen, which is considered a headache for the country.

In his previous film “Youth Records,” Byun Woo-suk played a fresh image of youth and shot women’s hearts with his warm physical. In particular, this is his first appearance in a KBS drama, drawing keen attention to his future performance.

Kang Mi-na, who has completely transformed herself as an actress, has worked with Byun Woo-suk through the drama stage “History of Straight Walking,” which makes us look forward to their chemistry in this drama.

The production team of the drama said, “With the addition of Byun Woo-Seok and Kang Mi-na, the cast has been completed to maximize the synergy of the four young people, along with Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Hye-Ri. All the staff members are constantly trying to convey fusion historical dramas, new excitement and fun to viewers, so please look forward to “Think of the Moon when Flowers Blooms.”

Meanwhile, “Thinking about the Moon When Flowers Blooms” will begin shooting in May and air in the second half of this year


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