Time Travel Kdrama are increasingly popular in the space genre. Let’s review 6 impressive films that harmoniously combine modern and historical elements to bring you the most satisfying drama.

1. Mr Queen (The Queen)

Referring to the interesting time-lapse drama, it is impossible not to mention Mr. Queen released at the end of 2020.

Adapted from the popular Chinese TV series Crown Prince Consort, the drama set many rating records. Not only that, but it also blends two historical and modern elements into the drama.

Jang Bong Hwan, who used to be a modern-day chef, suddenly travels through space and is trapped in the body of the Joseon Dynasty Queen. He tries to adapt and plans a return to modernity. However, after living there, he gradually discovers that he loves the Emperor. The couple’s humorous scenes made netizens laugh. Although the content is nothing new, the film still attracts viewers.

2. Queen In Hyun’s Man

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Time Travel Kdrama

Released in 2012, Queen In-Hyun’s Man  is one of the heavyweight series that competes with the series airing at the same time. Although the film is not well known, but thanks to the thrilling content, the circumstances change from the present to the past, Queen In-Hyun’s Man  continuously breaks the viewership rating record on the platform.

What is special, the film shows two parallel worlds, allowing the male lead to travel back to the time of the female lead. The chemistry of both is very real, the rare kiss scene that appeared in the first episode made people blush. However, the power of the spell will cause Kim Bong Do to lose his memory, the sweet couple turns into a miserable couple, and the audience also becomes sad.

3. Moonlight lover

Time Travel Kdrama

Just like Mr. Queen, the movie Moon Lover is adapted from the famous Chinese film ‘Bu Bu Jing Xin’ released in 2016. The film resonates internationally, pulling the name of the actor. The cast takes it to a whole new level. This is also the second most popular Korean film in the genre of space travel.

However, the film still has not had a breakthrough in rating despite having a certain degree of hotness. In return for the attractive “Moonlight Lover” content, the costumes are invested a lot in accordance with the context. The film was also well received.

4. Splash Splash Love

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Splash Splash Love creates an amazingly powerful attraction. Since its broadcast, the series always ranks high as the best drama of that time. Although the actors are not hot names in the Korean film industry, the good coordination in the acting of Kim Seul Gi and Doo Joon has made the love story through space become attractive.

The film tells the romantic love story between Lee Do and Dan Bi. Using his status as a eunuch to teach the king to learn math, the two then fell in love. However, she definitely had to return to modern times. Dan Bi is still determined to help Lee Do become the greatest king before leaving. Besides, the episodes that combine many modern and historical elements such as chocolate candy, phone, instant spicy rice cake… have helped Splash Splash Love surpass 6 million views.

5. Saimdang, Light’s Diary

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Saimdang, Light’s Diary marks the return of Lee Young Ae after 14 years of absence since the hit movie “Dae Jang Geum” as well as the presence of handsome Song Seung Hun, so it is highly appreciated and received a lot of attention. waiting for a large audience. Therefore, the first few episodes of the series had an impressive rating of 16.3%.

The film’s content is about a history and art teacher (played by Lee Young Ae) who finds a diary of famous historical figure Shin Saimdang (Shin Saimdang) and deciphers the secret behind it. behind a mysterious portrait. From there, she discovered the extraordinary life of Master Ren Tang, who later became a famous poet of the Joseon Dynasty.

6. Live Up to Your Name

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Those who are fans of the couple Kim Ah Joong and Kim Nam Gil should not miss the famous Healer who debuted in 2017. Only in the first few episodes when it aired, the series attracted a large audience and became a movie. tvN’s hit.

Unlike many time-traveling films about ancient times, The Healer is more famous  for sending the male lead back to the era in 2017, the pair of surgeons Yeon Kyung (Kim Ah Joong). The same doctor cures and saves people, but each person is different, leading to many funny situations happening. This is probably a new episode in the film that hits the audience’s weak market. Therefore, the viewership rate of the series increases rapidly with each episode.

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