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Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 4 Recap brings the story of Choi Jun-woong (Rowoon)’s friend Jae-soo (Ryu Seong-rok). The story of Choi Jun-woong, struggling to stop his best friend, who was frustrated enough to try to make an extreme choice after failing the first test as a third-year police officer.

Tomorrow's Kdrama Episode 4 Recap, Review, and Summary

The fact that the person on the brink of suicide is Choi Jun-Woong’s best friend did create a sense of urgency in the story, but this episode lacked sympathy for something. Of course, there could be cases where they tried to commit suicide due to depression just because they failed the test several times, but it was difficult to convince them that ‘it has to be done as the dramatized content.

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 4 Recap

The crisis management team prevented another person from making an extreme choice. ‘Tomorrow’, episode 4, Choi Jun-woong (Rowoon) saved his best friend Namgung Jae-soo (Ryu Seong-rok).

Gu-Ryun (Kim Hee-sun) and Choi Jun-woong, who left for a time in the past that day, save Jae-soo’s father life, who try to kill himself for life insurance money by suicide on his son’s birthday.
Gu-Ryun suggested, “Let’s get some chicken,” and the two of them made their own chicken at the old ‘Jumadeung Chicken Restaurant’ as Jade Hwang wanted. 
Two pieces of prepared chicken by Jun-woong and bring cartoons clothes saying, “It’s Jae-soo’s birthday, so let’s make it fun and happy.” Gu-Ryun refused, saying, “No way in life.” At that time, Lim Rung-gu (Yoon Ji-on) struggled to prevent the unfortunate reality of Jae-soo from continuing to take his life.

Tomorrow's Kdrama Episode 4 Recap

Jun-woong and Gu-Ryun performed an acute performance in front of young Jae-soo and handed him a birthday chicken. In other words, the chicken that Jae-Su ate with his father on his birthday was made by Jun-woong. Gu Ryun wrote the message ‘Failure means do it again.

Gu-Ryun, who returned to the present time with chicken, told Jae-Su, “Right now, you will feel that you are lagging behind others. But live. The weather is nice, so think that you shouldn’t die because it’s cloudy.” There will come a moment when you will release it was all for today, so live,” she encouraged.

Tomorrow's Kdrama Episode 4 Recap, Review

After receiving the chicken, Jaesoo shed tears Then he asked, “Everyone if it’s Jun Woong that sent them? Then ChoiJun-woong, who had tears in his eyes, said, “That’s right. So, you have to keep living then you can meet him soon.

Tomorrow's Kdrama Episode 4 Review

Thanks to the Chicken that is bad which was given to Jae-soo by Jun-woong, Jae-soo’s depressed red light index decreased and he got out of the crisis. Meanwhile, Gu-Ryun recalls when they were in past Jun-woong Run and take his younger self to meet his father who was about to go on a business trip and was also helped by Gu-Ryun. Choi Jun-woong was able to take photos of his family that day, which replaced the picture in which his father was absent.
Gu-Ryun who save Jae-soo’s life again was enough to warm the hearts of viewers.
However, she could not avoid punishment. Solving the Jumadeung disaster case, demonstrating the powers of the grim reaper in front of humans, and violating the rules of Jumadeung by engaging in human affairs. As a result, Ryeon took all responsibility and was disciplined by wearing a ring that stop her from using her power for a week.

Tomorrow's Kdrama Episode 4
Tomorrow's Kdrama

On the other hand, singer-songwriter Kang Woo-jin’s name appeared on the red light, and a new mission for ‘the crisis management team Ryeon, Jun-woong, and Rung-gu began. At this time, the soul of Woo-jin’s wife Heo Na-young (Lee No-ah), who ran away from the Grim reapers management team, came to Gu-Ryun saying that only she could save Woo-jin, and this caused a bloody confrontation between the crisis management team and Grim reapers management team, creating tension. In particular, Ryeon said, “I  am in the process of saving a life so I can’t hand her over to you,” she said, enraging the leader of the grim reapers management team, Joong-Gil (Lee Soo-hyuk), who strangled Ryeon’s neck and gave a cool warning, raising the tension. In addition, Ryeon, who was on the same team as Joong Gil a year ago, was appointed as the team leader for the crisis management team and was in a tight confrontation with Joong-Gil due to a difference in values ​​for extreme choices, further heightening interest in their deep conflict.

Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 4 Recap

Despite the pressure of the Grim reaper management team, the crisis management team is out to find a way to protect Na-Yeong’s soul and save Woo-jin. In the midst of this, Ryeon turned into a psychiatrist to look into Woo-jin’s pain and faced him. However, it was not easy to open the heart of Woo-jin, who had lost all will to live, and in the end, Ryeon said, “Is there another reason? That’s why it’s broken like this.” Then Woojin said, “I killed her. I was the one who kill Na-young” he screamed, and at the same time, he felt the deep wounds of his heart that had been engulfed for a long time with the image of him being chased by someone’s death since childhood. The shaky image of Ryeon, who was shocked by this, was amplified, and interest was amplified as to whether the crisis management team could save Woojin.

Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 4 Recap


“Tomorrow,” which airs on 9th April,” dipped to an average nationwide rating of 4.1 percent for its fourth episode according to Nelson’s Korea.


Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 4 Recap

While dealing with the heavy subject of suicide, it is not bad to approach it in a lively way using a fantasy setting such as a zodiac lamp or the underworld. However, even with this approach, the heaviness of the subject of suicide clearly requires a serious approach. Wouldn’t it be possible to reach a broader consensus only when the sufficient reason has to be understood through the episodes, and it has to be included to the point where it has more social meaning beyond the private dimension? It is not easy even with Kim Hee-sun or Rowoon, who are performing well, to fill the lack of consensus with the setting of a new faction. Above all, ‘Tomorrow’ creates sympathy for us living in harsh realities through the stories of people who are driven to the threshold of death, while immersing and immersing viewers even more with the harmonious combination of chewy tension and warm laughter, and rapid adjustment that leaves a heartbreaking impression.

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