Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 5 Recap: Kim Hee-sun barely caught Kang Woo-Jin, who was falling, meanwhile, Jong-Gil(Lee Soo-hyuk) and Lim Rung-Gu (Yoon Ji-on) fought over Kang Woo-Jin’s wife’s soul.

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 5 Recap

In the last broadcast, the story of singer-songwriter Kang Woo-jin (Kang Seung-Yoon), who lost his wife in a car accident and made an extreme choice, appeared. Meanwhile, Goo-Ryun recalled the memory of living in the Joseon Dynasty a long time ago. Betrothed at her young age, Goo-Ryun rejoiced in the marketplace with her young groom. To the groom who lamented, “If I become armed, I will wander around the country, how can I leave you?” Goo-Ryun rejoiced, saying, “I am in love with you because of that.” Goo-Ryun remembered the day she married her husband. In the next moment, Ryun appeared as a doctor in front of Kang Woo-jin (Kang Seung-Yoon), who had lost his wife Na-Yeong (Lee No-ah) and was devastated.

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 5 Recap
Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 5 Recap

While consulting with Kang Woo-jin, Goo-Ryun reminded him of the time he had with Na-young. In Kang Woo-jin’s memory, Na-young was a fan and then became a lover. Na-young compares Woo-jin to a tree and said, ‘It is important who makes the tree bloom. It’s the kind of person you meets that changes your life,’ she said. Then she proposed to Woo-jin as she held out a ring to Woo-jin. Kang Woo-jin was delighted with Na-young’s proposal, ‘I mean, can you make a flower called Kang Woo-jin?’ However, Kang Woo-jin, who was extremely excited remembered Na-young’s death and became very angry again. however Ryeon faced him, but Woo-jin closed the door to his heart when Goo-Ryeon ask him what is the reason, he screams saying that he had killed his wife. Later day Goo-Ryun meets Jun-Woong and Mr. Limwhilee they are keeping Na-Young Safe and running away with her. while On the run, Goo-Ryun thought that there must be another reason for Kang Woojin’s words, “I killed Nayoung (Lee Noah).” Goo-Ryun, who ran away from the Grim Reaper management team, heard about Woojin’s story from Nayoung. It’s Woojin’s birthday and at the same time his mother’s death, anniversary. His father teased him every birthday, saying that he was “a child that came to life after killing his mother, how can they celebrate his birthday,” and Woo-Jin’s Father eventually took his own life. However, Woo-Jin was taken in by his uncle who raised him as his own.

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 5 Recap
Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 5 Recap

When all the members of the family died in a car accident, Woo-jin blamed himself, saying, “It’s all because of me.” The moment he was about to make an extreme choice, Woojin was comforted by a song playing on the radio. So, Woo-jin, who started his music career while learning the guitar, was able to hold on because of music, then Jun-Woong ask when they hold their wedding but Na-Young answered that “We were not able to hold the ceremony” Recall meeting her parents, Na-young’s parents’ objected and said, “She should not be with an unknown singer. Woo-jin who was angry left the Meeting, later Na-Young Visit him and he pushed her away, saying, “If you stay with me, you’ll be unhappy It’s all there.” But Na-young waited for Woo-jin, then rain start falling and woo-Jin ran out with an umbrella to protect Na-Young, she was hidden behind his house and they comfort each, and continued with their love by hugging, while Na-Young said, “I can’t do without you.”

Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 5 Recap

Meanwhile, the team and Na-young returned to the hospital, Woo-jin was not in his hospital room, the bumped into Jung-Gil (Lee Soo-hook), and his team, appeared to guide Na-young Soul, Trying to protect Na-Young, Goo-Ryun Uses her Power and Disappear with her team while Running Together Na-Young took a different Raod and bumps into Jung-Gil again. Na-Young begs Jung-Gil not to kill her and he strongly says “Why is an already dead person ask me not to kill her? You are already dead” when he was about to take her aim at Rung-gu (Yoon Ji-on), who returned just in time, blocked Jung-Gil, but it was not enough.

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Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 5
Tomorrow’s Kdrama Episode 5

Seeing Rung-gu strangled by Joong-girl’s hand, Gu-ryun said, “The crisis management team will take care of Na-young, Soul. Yet that was not enough and the two team leader make a contract in return Jung-Gil will allow them 2 hours within the Hospital to protect Na-Young’s Husband. Rung-Gu was against the contract but Goo-Ryun was determined. Seeing how to disturb Rung-Gu is, Jun-Woon asks about the contract, and He replies “She has to comply with any request he made, in which even the company nor Jade Hwang or Jumadeung can intervene. Joong-Gil agreed to the contract, saying, “Are you going to save the person who is about to commit suicide? It must be meaningful.” Rung-gu shouted, “Why are you doing this?”, but Gu-ryun simply replied, “I have to save Kang Woo-jin.” Despite the efforts of the Goo-Ryun team, Woo-jin tried to kill himself by hanging at the end of the stair railing. Seeing Woojin, who was already hanging by the stairs as he said, “Do you know how painful it is to lose everything?” Goo-Ryun recalled her past and said, “I know. “It’s becoming clearer. It’s also painful for those who have left. So, come to your senses. Heo Na-young is dead and you are alive. Accept it.” Woo-jin, Tells Goo-Ryun that “Na-young, dead is his fault and he hates himself so much. He added, “I’m a monster I shouldn’t have been born.” Standing beside him is Heo Na-Young Who was crying, Goo-Ryun said, “Heo Na-young saved you” she turned the steering wheel in the opposite direction To save your life. Woo-Jin though he is not worth her life and released his hand from the stairs.

Tomorrow Episode 5

Goo-Ryun barely caught Woo-jin, who had jumped and asked Na-Yeong to connect with Woo-jin as that will only be their last hope to save him. Na-young persuaded her Woo-jin and gave him a will to live, saying, “I’m here, waiting for you while you are alive waiting for me, we are waiting for each other there. When we meet again, please bring the most beautiful flower from your tree.” Therefore, Goo-Ryun Check Woo-Jin Depression level and see that it dropped to 10%, Na-young was safely escorted, and Woo-jin was prevented from committing suicide, but Gu-ryun collapsed. Ok-Hwang (Kim Hae-sook) asked why Joong-Gil went to Goo-Ryun Team. Joong-Gil said, “I wanted to see the souls they were trying to save, But they became more hated. I don’t understand why they choose death so easily that they will gain the strength to live with just a few words.” To this, Jade Hwang asserted, “I can assure you, no one chooses death easily.” Jung-Gil, who faced Goo-Ryun, said, “You haven’t forgotten your vow? Goo-Ryun says yes ” How will have me fulfill it”? Jung-Gil Reply by saying, “I can ask you anything I want, can you afford it?” they both pass by.

Meanwhile, Goo-Ryun wrote a handwritten apology, and Jun-woong (Rowoon) stood by and asked about the relationship between death and previous lives. Guryun explained, “Death and the karma of a previous life have nothing to do with it. It’s not fate.” She added, “If you commit suicide, you will be punished by cutting off all ties with you.” In response to Gary’s words, “It’s not only sad for those left behind. It’s the same for those who leave,” Junwoong said, “I think I took this too easily. Even though it’s someone else’s business, it hurts so much. How did you two continue to do this? Is it?” She said frankly. Goo-Ryun said, “I hate watching those separated by death, even after hundreds of years.”

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Goo-Ryun team, determination to protect Na-Jeong’s soul from the escort team, is incredible but seeing Goo-Ryun hurting herself and even taking a vow of something she is not aware of how will hurt her is bit much, my thoughts. Watching Joong-Gil (Lee Soo-hook) strangled Ryeon and later Rung-gu all because of Na-Young And Woo-jin they must be a lucky soul. I was expecting them to explain if they have a relevant relationship with any one of them like ChoibJun-Woon and his friend. But none did that. And it gave a cool tension.


“Tomorrow,” which airs in the same time slot as “Again My Life”, dipped to an average nationwide rating of 3.5 percent for its fifth episode.

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