Under Th Queen Umbrella Prince Ui-Seong’, a popular drama these days in SF9 Kang Chan-hee, the murder + slander + concealment and cleverness

Singer and actor Kang Chan-hee, who played the role of Uiseong-gun in ‘Under Th Queen Umbrella’, is showing a dazzling performance.

Under Th Queen Umbrella which aired on the 19th and 20th, Uiseong-gun (Kang Chan-hee) was finally eliminated from the selection of the crown prince.

Uiseong-gun chose to come together, and it seemed as if he was quietly withdrawing from the throne he coveted. However, Uiseong-gun soon made viewers anxious by leaving a meaningful message, “Isn’t it true that everyone becomes a king just because they become crown princes?”

In addition, in the process of uncovering the secret of Seongnam Daegun (Moon Sang-min)’s birth, the appearance of Dae-dae (Kim Hae-sook), who sensed something strange about Uiseong-gun’s birth, was captured together, amplifying curiosity. This raised tension by raising speculation that ‘Uiseong-gun also has a secret of birth’.

At the beginning of the play, Uiseong-gun committed all sorts of evil acts with the help of Hwang Gwi-in (Ok Ja-Yeon) and Young Ui-jeong (Kim Eui-Seong) to become crown prince, but in the second half, he is evolving into a more vicious figure, plotting and committing murder himself.

In response, Kang Chan-hee also shows the appearance of a growth-type villain with a cool look and bold actions. he also draws favorable reviews for her by capturing various situations of Uiseong-gun, from her cleverness to taking a step back depending on the situation and his secretiveness that hides his inner feelings. 

Under Th Queen Umbrella Prince Ui-Seong
tvN ‘Shloop’ main poster / tvN below
Under Th Queen Umbrella Prince Ui-Seong
stills from tvN’s

It is noteworthy what kind of conspiracy Uiseong-gun, who did not give up the throne easily after coming out like this, will tvN plot twist the story? Meanwhile ‘Under The Queen Umbrella’ is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 pm.

On the other hand, Kang Chan-hee made his face public for the first time as a little TVXQ through SBS ‘Star King’ in 2007. In 2016, he debuted as a member of her group SF9 under FNC Entertainment. Currently, he works as a singer and actress.

Source: WikiTree

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