“Vincenzo” (Song Joong-ki), stepped up for hot revenge.

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday popular drama “Vincenzo” (hot revenge) stands a positive response from the viewers, as Song Joong-ki wakes up the mafia instinct within him.

Vincenzo revenge 2

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Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-bin), who decided to aim for the enemy’s Achilles tendon in the 10th episode of “Vincenzo,” which will air at 9 p.m. on Sunday, went out to find Babel’s real boss. The two partners, who were approaching the reality of the final Villain, faced a terrible incident as they were trying to find a decisive clue. A man who knew the identity of the chairman died and the families of the victims of the experiment were also killed. Vincenzo, who sensed intuitively that there was Babel and an idol after everything, had reached the height of his anger. Villans’ atrocities, centered on the “axis of evil” Jang Joon-woo (Ok Taek-Yeon), have brought about a strong storm. With threats also continuing toward Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young.

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What is expected of Vincenzo episode 10

Vincenzo revenge
What is expected of Vincenzo episode 10

Vincenzo stepped up for hot revenge, Not only did he touch himself, but at Babel, who re-produces narcotic drugs, and attacks even the powerless, Vincenzo begins revenge. Vincenzo the mafia Consigliere gives back as much as he gets. They even point a gun at each other and have a fierce confrontation. Vincenzo brings up the last resort to uncovering the real behind-the-scenes of Babel.
Meanwhile, new services appear at the Geumga Plaza to pressure tenants. Vincenzo has already found a key to the basement.
The production team said, “The point of this broadcast is what the future of Geumga plaza, which is on the verge of being demolished again, will be.”
“Vincenzo” is enjoying popularity with a viewer rating of around 10 percent due to its fast-paced development and good performances by the actors.



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