Which Business Proposal character are you

A Business Proposal increasingly proving its formidable charm as ratings continuously increase, coverage on social media platforms, and watching the drama online is also extremely strong. If you are also a fan of this drama, you probably want to know which character you are the most like, the “Ahn Hyo Seop” the boss or Kim Se Jeong the employee.

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Take a fun quiz to find out which A Business Proposal character you are most like!

First, choose a character you like in A Business Proposal

Kang Tae-Mu

Shin Ha-ri

Jin Young-Seo

Cha Seung Hoon

At a launch, how will you be impressed by it?

dress up

Pretend to be meek

Talk Openly

Like Spending money

Your ideal lover types.

Traditional type




If your lover cheats, will you…

break up

Find out the situation and then calculate

Penalty on the spot and calculated later

It doesn’t matter, love is blind

Which Ahn Hyo Seop Character is your Ideas Type

Kang Tae-Mu

business proposal

ha ram

Ha Ram

lovers of the red Sky

Ahn Hyo Seop Business Proposal

Seo Woo-Jin

Dr. Romantic 2

Cha Min


Pick a word that best describes your Personality





Pick one of this Kdrama.

Twenty-five, twenty-one Episode 11

twenty-five Twenty-one


Military prosecutor Doberman

Park Min Young Drama

Forecasting love and Weather

Thirty, Nine K-Drama released Date


Finally, who are you inviting to a party this March?


Nam Joo-Hyuk

Ahn Hyo Seop


Ahn Bo-Hyeon


Song Kang


Kang Tae-Mu

Just like Kang Tae-Mu, you are very handsome and a workaholic, your face shows your cool personality at the same time you have a warm heart.

Shin Ha-Ri

Having an ordinary Personality you are just like Shin Ha-Ri who can disguise herself as a vixen and goes on a blind date in the place of her friend.

seol in ah

Jin Young-Seo

Just like Jin Young-Seo, you have soft spot for your friend, and will only get married after when you meet the true love of your life.

Cha Sung-hoon

Cha Sung-hoon is a true friend of Tae-mu’s also his secretary, he can go to any lent to protect Tae-Mu. Just like Sung-Hoon, you fall in love with Young-seo, at first sight.

Kang Da-goo

Just like Tae-Mu Grandfather, you are funny and very consistence.

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