Together, they chose to re-appear with an office-themed Drama, but the fates of Park Min Young, Kim Se Jeong, and Lee Sung Kyung received a “heavenly” result.

In 2022, the Korean small screen marks the return of many beautiful actresses with roles of different genres.

In particular, scripts that exploit content about the workplace are popular because they are close to life, have little drama and are suitable for many ages. However, not every actress who re-appears with this topic has achieved success.


The reappearance of Secretary Kim – Park Min Young in the drama “Forecasting Love and Weather was commented as not too bad. But compared to her brilliant film career before, this is a pity “bomb”.

Which of these actresses looks better in-office dramas

The drama explores a completely new topic in the workplace – the duties of meteorologists in the weather agency. Although the content and cast have had high expectations since its release, the film has to suffer from rivals Twenty-five Twenty-one, showing in the same time frame.

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Many people signaled SOS to choose Park Min Young‘s script, because according to them, the beauty has been following the same path, framing the role for many years now. In addition, the fact that she plays with the “beautiful but stiff male god” – Song Kang is considered a cause of the “flop” of the film.


Choose “Business Proposal” to reappear after the Art of Hunting Demons and Cooking Noodles , Kim Se Jeong ‘s career rose like a kite.

Kim Se Jeong in The Art of Hunting Demons And Cooking Noodles.

The things that Se Jeong got after “the business proposal” are not only encapsulated in the great movie achievements, the number of fans has increased rapidly, but she is also sought after by many film crews and high-end brands.

Which of these actresses looks better in-office dramas

After that, Kim Se Jeong also quickly “closed” the new Drama “Business Proposal” with the male lead Ahn Hyo seop. Not to mention, her drama “The Uncanny Encounter” many years ago suddenly became hot again and competed directly with major competitors on Netflix.


After “Doctor Romantic 2” and before that, “Weightlifting Fairy“, Lee Sung Kyung received great expectations for acting. However, the current film the beauties of the Lee family with Kim Young Dae is on the verge of being a “flop” because the opening rating is too dismal at only 1.6%.

The audience expressed their regret because Shooting Star was expected to be quite high right from the start because of the new content – reflecting 95% of the reality of Korean entertainment.

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However, the movie “flop” right from its release due to many reasons. In which, the script is not tight, incorporating many comedy pieces but it is not effective. In particular, Lee Sung Kyung’s acting is said to be no progress, even backward compared to previous projects.

Which of these actresses looks better in-office dramas
Lee Sung Kyung in Weightlifting Fairy.

Many people are concerned that, with Lee Sung Kyung’s way of choosing a less challenging script, she will soon be surpassed by her juniors.

Which of these actresses looks better in-office dramas

Kim Se Jeong

Park Min Hyun

Lee Sung Kyung


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