Which The Red Sleeve Character Are You?

“The Red Sleeve” is a historical romance drama about a determined court lady who wants to choose her path in life and a king who puts his country first.

Let’s see if you’re more Yi San or Seong Deok-im, or even someone else!

What city would you choose for your Vacation?


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Who did do you plan to befriend?

Hong Hye-bin

A bank

Princess Cheongyeon

Princess Cheongseon

Lady Hwabin

Which Mask would you choose to wear for the party?

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Which Drama would you choose to re-watch this 2022?


Squid Game

Via Netflix

Mr Queen

Via Netflix

Lovers Of The Red Sky

Via Netflix

What special skills do you possess for the Prince?

You’re a Loyal Servant

You’re the brains behind the plan

You’re an excellent fighter

You remain calm under pressure

Finally, How would a friend describe you?





Yi San!

Like Yi San, you’re highly intelligent and meticulous, who was born as a descendant of the red line and sits on the throne of the Crown Prince. You are strict with others but more than being strict with others, You’re thorough in managing yourself.

Seong Deok-Im !

Like Seong Deok-Im, You are filled with curiosity and innocent excitement. You can be mischievous but has a serious life goal. you show your outstanding talent and boast great popularity among court ladies as a reader and, her handwriting is also the best of the court ladies.

Hong Deok-Ro!

Like Deok-Ro, you’re every lady’s dream, you have a handsome face and you’re very affectionate to people, especially palace ladies, so not many people know about his cool inner side hidden behind his appearance like a spring breeze.

King Yeong-Jo!

Like King Yeong-Jo, you have a human side, who gets angry and even cries when something sad happens. With Your genius Character, you overcame power struggles with the sectarians who were united in factions, took care of the state affairs, and stabilized the people’s livelihood

Court Lady Jo!

Like Head Court Lady, you’re The supreme ruler of court ladies. In the Joseon Dynasty, as the head of the court ladies who took charge of the royal family and took charge of the property, you wield great political power behind the scenes.

Queen Jung-Soon!

Much like Queen Jung-Soon, you are The descendant of King Yeong- Jo. You are a very calm and elegant woman, always with cool eyes and deep thoughts, over intelligent and have determination.

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